Weight, softness and hardness of sex doll

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What is discussed below is the oil output and other characteristics of TPE sex doll plus soft life. Do not simply compare the unprocessed TPE leftovers. The entire sex doll of TPE has completely different properties from a single piece of TPE leftovers. The former has been processed while the latter has not been processed;










1: Adding softness to TPE is the price of sacrificing life. Generally, the softer sex doll will sacrifice a life of 0.5 years to 1 year. This is why the common soft TPE sex doll can resist three years. The super soft sex doll only has a life of two years. Many buyers have different opinions about the life of TPE sex doll, which is also because there is a deviation in the customization of softness;
2: For TPE softening, most sex doll merchants do not need to charge extra fees, which is free. The deceptive irregular sex doll merchants will ask for more money. Soft heart milk is another matter. Soft heart milk is implanted with a large amount of flowing TPE colloid in the breast to soften the chest. It feels much better than solid milk and hollow milk. Some children merchants will ask for an extra fee of about 500 yuan to provide soft heart milk services. Some sex doll merchants, In the case of holiday activities, the company will give up the additional charge because the market competition of sex doll is too fierce;
3: The softer TPE also needs to sacrifice another price, that is, the softer the oil output, the greater the oil output. As for the oil output of TPE, please log in to the forum and search “TPE sex doll software and oil output popular science” for popular science learning. There is no need to repeat the explanation here.

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