Five years have passed. Is your sex doll still alive?


Let me guess, the first year is your favorite year. You will take her with you every holiday. You will think of her every time you go to sleep. An exaggerated person may be so excited when you see her arms or feet that it is difficult to suppress.
The next year, since you gave up heartily, passed through the garbage station calmly and threw her there, you would reject her this year, but you always couldn’t let go. You would always open the shopping website to pay attention to her dynamics and all her changes. You would always inadvertently save money and be ready for her at all times.
In the third year, you will have her again, regardless of all people’s obstacles. For her, you will be able to show off at all costs. You are not afraid of coldness or ridicule. No matter how, you will arouse excited feelings and have more unrestrained pleasure every night.

































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