How to choose a good sex doll?

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First of all, we need to know something about sex doll, such as how high sex doll is suitable for us and how much sex doll is suitable for us.
When we buy sex doll, we should first know what kind of material this sex doll is, whether it has safety and quality inspection, and whether it meets the standards of health and environmental protection.












How does this sex doll smell, whether it will produce a lot of oil, whether it is exquisite in workmanship, and how about its quality.
For example, our sex doll is made of materials that comply with EU standards. It is healthy and safe. There is almost no smell. There is only a faint fragrance. The skin is elastic and soft. The baby’s skin is bright and transparent, and the surface is smooth. It looks very real.
The most important thing is the price. There must be a problem if it is too cheap. Because a good sex doll will choose good materials, fine makeup work will cost.

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