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The performance of the Sex Doll stand has been greatly upgraded ~

It's a very happy thing. Haha The new chassis technology of sex doll stand and the installation of thicker inner tubes have increased the cost by only ten dollars in exchange for a great performance improvement.

What is the safest way to warm the vagina for a silicone doll?

1. A little heating rod like they send with TPE dolls if that helps. Make sure it’s not too hot to ruin your girls. 2. Be careful with heating rods in TPE. The heat can cause the TPE to soften and deform, resulting in a perm vagina gape. Can also...

How does the wig stay on?

How does the wig stay on? Will it slip off easily during play? The size of the wig fits the doll’s head very well, so it is firm and not easy to fall off.                  

What lube can be used with sex dolls?

Only water-based lube should be used. Silicon-based lube could damage the material. Mineral oil or vaseline could also be used, but only with TPE sex dolls.                                                                

How to clean the orifice after use?

How to clean the orifice after use? What is the difference between built-in and removable vagina? There are two main types of orifice for dolls, removable (insert) and fixed (built-in). With a removable vagina, you can pull out a sleeve, like a thin fleshlight, after using it. Then you only...

How do you like standard feet and standing feet?

1. If you’re going to stand your doll at all, you need the standing foot option. The footplate inside the foot is stronger with 3 bolts that protrude from the bottom of the foot to handle the weight of the doll. It is possible to stand a doll without...

What gift have you bought for the doll?

1. I’ve bought necklaces, clothes, flowers, perfume, powder, wigs, eyelashes, cosmetics, shoes, more clothes, Chinese food and chocolates (ok, I ate them but it was the thought that counts!), candles, plastic furniture to store their things, an electric blanket, hole warmer, an air pump, and scented lubes. I admit...

Do all sex dolls have the same pussies?

1. Most pussies certainly not all are made equal. Silicone is different than TPE, and built-in is different than insertables. All manufacturers create their own “spin” on lady parts. Position bias and internal stimulation canals can vary widely. This is partially why they can be so addictive. It is...

How to keep the wig from staining my doll?

How to keep the wig from staining my doll? What’s the best way to wash and care for a wig? 1. Benzoyl peroxide in acne cream can also safely remove a stain. But be careful with the Benzoyl peroxide, on some dolls, it leaves a really bad mark, purple or...

What do you use to clean the doll’s head?

What do you use to clean the doll’s head? Should her head/face be oiled like her body, and how often? What are the safe products that can recolor her lips and areola? 1. Typically, you don’t actually need to oil the head. Heads are just not under the same stresses...