How do you like standard feet and standing feet?

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1. If you’re going to stand your doll at all, you need the standing foot option. The footplate inside the foot is stronger with 3 bolts that protrude from the bottom of the foot to handle the weight of the doll. It is possible to stand a doll without the option, but TPE is somewhat fragile and easily damaged under the doll’s weight.

That said, dolls with standing feet still need a third point of contact for balance. That is, leaning against something. They don’t balance very well on their own. I store my dolls standing, fully clothed with shoes. No problems at all. The ankles do adjust so the surface they stand on does not have to be completely flat and they are able to wear heels. Although, standing them in heels does require a bit of patience as the dolls are a bit top-heavy and the feet tend to slide forward. I like to keep heel height at 2 to 3 inches myself, but others have successfully got their dolls to stand much higher.

The carpet is ok. The protruding bolts can be screwed in and out to compensate. Beware though, those protruding bolt heads can really scratch up wood, vinyl, and tile floors. Various methods to get around this like capping the bolt heads or replacing the bolts with furniture glides, but I find it easier to just keep shoes on my dolls when they’re standing.

2. I’ve owned dolls for a number of years and resisted the standing foot option because I thought they were ugly and ruined the aesthetic of the doll.

I finally acquiesced and bought my first doll with standing feet a few months back and I have to tell you, I don’t think I’ll ever get another doll without standing feet. It has made storing her easier and opened up all sorts of posing options.

And to be honest, the feet bolts don’t bother me as much as I thought they would. To me, the pros outweigh the cons.

3. One thing I can add is that there is a good possibility that you will have to readjust the screws of the standing feet once you get your girl.
I didn’t check the screws when I got mine and they were too deep inserted into the TPE. My place is mostly carpet so it did a little bit of friction damage on her sole. Nothing too serious.

4. Standing feet open up a lot more positions for fun and photography. Plus for a heavier doll, it’s a must when you’re trying to move her around.









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