What gift have you bought for the doll?

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1. I’ve bought necklaces, clothes, flowers, perfume, powder, wigs, eyelashes, cosmetics, shoes, more clothes, Chinese food and chocolates (ok, I ate them but it was the thought that counts!), candles, plastic furniture to store their things, an electric blanket, hole warmer, an air pump, and scented lubes. I admit that much of what I’ve bought for my dolls is really for me, but that could be said of some of the gifts I’ve gotten for RG partners, too.

2. I buy Carly clothes, jewelry, flowers, and snacks.

3. Cute clothes and outfits, shoes and hair clips and accessories.

4. So far, I’ve just bought clothes and shoes. I do like to make her things though. Jewelry, clothes, even made her a merkin!

5. I think I might treat Janie to a Cruise in the van. That has been their little special gift.

6. I buy my doll lady new panties mostly. I also buy her regular clothes sometimes and I got her some body spray from Victoria’s Secret once. Don’t really do jewelry but I got her some sunglasses and plan to get her some regular glasses in the future.























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