What do you use to clean the doll’s head?

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What do you use to clean the doll’s head? Should her head/face be oiled like her body, and how often? What are the safe products that can recolor her lips and areola?
1. Typically, you don’t actually need to oil the head. Heads are just not under the same stresses as the body and oiling will remove the factory make-up. Although, reapplying make-up is not all that difficult. I clean my WM gal’s face with just a damp cloth. Occasionally, I will spot clean trouble spots with baby oil, but very sparingly. Just dab on, wipe right off. Now after powdering the body, I do go over the face very lightly with whatever’s leftover on the make-up brush I’ve applied the powder with to the body.
To color nips and labia, a lot of people just use powdered make-up sealed with a thin layer of Vaseline. I myself use Chartpak markers which are permanent, but there is no margin of error with these and at least one member has had adverse reactions to certain types of TPE. For lips, I just use regular lip gloss. Black Opal is the brand I prefer, but there are many others.
2. Lately, I have had really good success using liquid foundation makeup to color areolas. Goes on really easy and lasts a long time. Let it soak in for a few minutes and then blot with a tissue or paper towel to blot up any excess color. If you like to suck and lick your girl’s nipples, rub a little flavored chap stick on them with your fingertip before playtime. I use a regular good quality lipstick applied with a short stiff small makeup brush similar to these to color my girl’s lips.












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