By 2050, the “love relationship” with AI sex doll may be common

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Although companion robots were once the subject of science fiction movies, they have now become a reality.
A robot expert predicted that in the next 30 years, companion robots will be popularized in the society, and they will completely replace interpersonal relationships.
Bobbi banks, a British expert on gender relations, said in an interview with reporters: “by 2050, it will be more and more common to form romantic relationships with intelligent robots. The way we experience love and interpersonal relationships is changing.”
“Technology is closely related to our daily life. I have seen a significant increase in the number of long-distance and online love. People say that they are very close to their lovers, but at the same time, they also say that being unable to meet will make people jealous and make their feelings unstable.”
The standard relationship is two-way, and Ms. banks believes that a partner robot relationship can make people more selfish. She added: “this will allow people to take full control of their love life and create ‘perfect partners’
However, Ms banks also highlighted the risks of falling in love with her partner robot.
She explained: “if your needs are met and you always do what you want, you may be more dissatisfied with life and depressed because you can’t deal with the obstacles in life as you originally did.”
“What a relationship is worth having is the connection between people and learning to love each other, despite our shortcomings. We need to embrace the struggle in life and learn from the pain, because it makes us stronger and teaches us to be better.”

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