About the charge for additional functions such as sex doll finger bones

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As for the extra charge requirements for finger bones, according to the different processes of each sex doll manufacturer, the extra charge and no extra charge are set. In fact, the wool comes from the sheep, which is only a disguised charge. Some sex doll businesses do not charge extra charges for carrying finger bones. In fact, the money is counted into the whole doll, which makes you feel preferential. Some doll businesses increase the function of finger bones, and require extra charges. In fact, they tell consumers the details of the charges, As for the additional charge, we don’t have to worry about it. A buyer has selected a doll from the merchant, and the additional charge is 500? 1000? 1500?
To accept or not to accept the request for additional fees, the owner of the doll has no choice, because you don’t buy their doll. You go to find the next one, which is not necessarily what you want. The purchase of a doll involves too many aesthetic problems. The merchant’s skeleton, tear resistance, softness, body coating resistance to makeup loss, head body integration, whole body heating and other functions. In short, the doll merchant is determined to eat you. I know you want this doll, Other families may add finger bones at a cheaper price, but you can’t help it. One is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer;
This is also why in 2021, in an environment of fierce competition among sex doll businesses, some sex doll businesses began to go crazy and dance with demons. All kinds of messy additions and the physical advantages of silicone dolls were forced by market competition, not what sex doll businesses were willing to do. If you don’t do it, you will be eliminated by consumer dolls in the process of choosing dolls in the next few years when sex doll technology is upgraded crazily;
Not seven years ago, there were only three choices: inflatable dolls, smelly TPE dolls, and hard silicone dolls with car tires. There were more merchants, resulting in more choices. Seven years ago, there were only a few specific merchants to choose from, because seven years ago, there were no baby merchants, and they liked to buy or not to buy. This was the situation seven years ago. Most baby owners now compare and choose more, and have technical advantages, especially sex doll, Whether a sex doll’s body is soft enough, the degree of oil production, whether the whole body coating can withstand two years of bathing without losing makeup, the problem of skeleton, the choice of whole body heating, the choice of movable mouth (the mouth function can be used, the mouth is equipped with the mouth bone lock, the mouth function can be used, and the mouth corner is not cracked, which is the qualified mouth movable) and other additional function choices will determine whether a business is selected by the owner of the baby, and then it will be screened out, Finally decide which business doll to buy; How beautiful it is to rely solely on a few official figures and a single head carving. Now most old child owners know that the head carving of silicone dolls is not worth a lot of money at all. Silicone dolls are expensive and technically difficult. In terms of the body of silicone dolls, rather than head carving, if they want to rely on a head carving, they can sell for more than 20000. It is difficult, unless the child owner is an outsider, does not understand the structure of the baby circle, and has a lot of money, so they do not compare, It’s possible to be fooled into buying a silicone doll with a hard body and no makeup after taking a bath.






















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