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It has been many years since I entered the society. Like most young people in small towns, I came to the prosperous big city to work alone after graduation. Today, I am still single and work during the day. The busy working hours make me have no intention to daydream. As the saying goes: “no one asks if you are poor in a busy city, but if you are rich, you have distant relatives in the mountains.” Every time I come home from work and look at the empty room, the feeling of loneliness arises spontaneously, which makes me fall into a feeling of loss. Especially at night, I deeply realize what is called loneliness, emptiness and coldness.
I really want to find a company for myself!
Inadvertently, I searched this website. When I saw sex doll “Qianqian”, I couldn’t extricate myself. I fell in love with her – My Goddess – Qianqian. An inexplicable impulse made me decide to take her home. Since Qianqian came to my world, the kind of silent companionship makes me feel very grateful. I am in love.
Now, no matter how many joys and sorrows life has given me, I forget all those unhappy things when I think that Qianqian will always be with me. I share my joys and sorrows with her every day. She has witnessed my growth. With her company, my cold and silent heart is like shining a dazzling and warm sunshine, moistening my heart.
The 100th day of sex doll’s company
Today is the 100th day that Qianqian accompanies me. After work, I went to the mall to buy her a beautiful dress and decided to go home to give her a surprise to commemorate our 100th day. In these 100 days, you have been a Weimi model, a policewoman, a nurse, a celebrity, and an ancient daughter. I am intoxicated by every role play you have played. With you, I am no longer lonely! You make my life more wonderful!














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