Where do you buy sex doll? It’s cheap and reliable

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Generally speaking, if the quality of sex doll is very good, the price will not be cheap. The platform is a normal treasure and an East. Everything is OK. There are not many kinds in a certain East,
A certain Duoduo is basically a very cheap product, sex doll, or directly a fake. The overall cost performance is poor, and there are many hidden dangers. It is also harmful to the body,
Sex doll products for private use are generally not easy to return or exchange. It’s troublesome to find that they don’t seem to be returned or exchanged. Personally, I don’t recommend it.
The average quality is around 3500. Especially those with silicone head +tpe body
The best thing is not to buy a second-hand fish. First, there is no after-sales service. Another problem is that you don’t know what your doll has experienced before. Sex doll is a private product,
Quality, cleanliness and hygiene must be taken into account, so it is best to choose new products.
It can also be provided by the manufacturer that the price can be reduced by 200-300. This is also an unrealistic purchase method for most buyers near the factory.
There are also experience stores and purchasing agents. You can go to the experience store to see the quality, and then buy online. Of course, the dolls in the experience store have been sold many times. Exaggeration is beyond recognition, and the quality cannot be seen
It’s also unhygienic.
Experience store purchasing is aimed at friends who do not have the ability to access the Internet. It is reliable to buy online if you can see me writing this article. After sales problems, the price is the same
Make a comparison on the Internet. The experience store also needs to earn the price difference. Another thing is that the experience store usually takes defective goods and inventory. You know what I mean.































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