Can I buy a half length sex doll

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You can buy it, but the price of a better half length sex doll is not cheap. It is equivalent to the price of a doll. So if it’s not a preference, you can consider buying the whole sex doll. If it’s because of weight, it’s good to buy a full sex doll to lose weight. There are many values to watch and ponder.
Half length sex doll. Generally, most people prefer to use functions when buying. There are many sizes and styles of half length sex doll.
Some buyers also buy sex doll, half body doll, hip mold and even airplane cup because of the price, which is better than the old saying. Sex doll, half body doll and hip mold, which are too cheap, have some hidden dangers, such as oil, smell and short service life. Some businesses even use bad materials and second-hand materials in order to save costs.
Can I buy the half length sex doll? In a word, I can buy it if I like the style and prefer it to be convenient for collection and cleaning. If you buy, you prefer a better brand. The hidden dangers and materials will be handled in a very good way. If it’s just because it’s lighter, I think it’s better to choose a sex doll that reduces weight.

















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