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Sex Doll Video: Boris’ Sex Ban: Sex Doll Sales Boom in Lockdown | This Morning

For the majority of business owners across the UK, the pandemic has meant lost livelihoods, redundancies and plummeting profits. But for one business owner – coronavirus is having the opposite effect. Mum of four, Jade Stanley, who sells sex dolls, says business is booming and sales have increased fourfold. She joins us alongside male sex doll, Jesse.


now with many industries this is your

bit now

many industries taking a hit during the

pandemic others have

seen their businesses flourish yes jade

stanley who owns a sex doll company

has seen her sales quadruple since

lockdown was first introduced and she

joins us

alongside male sex doll jessie there’s

jessie look and she sent bella to keep

us company

this morning uh jade thank you for

joining us today so

so listen you’re a mum i think

originally you had a um a sunbed uh

business that you that you ran and in

2018 you saw a gap in the market uh for


so who exactly are you tailoring for

well we tailor for anyone um you know no

no age is a barrier male female

um our customers are you know there’s a

wide span

of our customer range um but in

particular obviously during block down

we have seen a surge you see because of


um issues you know surrounding people

so um so yeah you know we’ve young gold

anybody you were you noticed every

single time there was a

a change in the lockdown rules your

sales went up

correct yeah that’s right so we saw

surges so every time that

a restriction would come into place i

saw massive surges

but you see loneliness has always been a

massive issue and these dolls are

more than just what their primary

purpose is um they are very much

companion dolls

um so when people come to my website sex

doll official

you know they are they’re looking for


than just um a sex toy this is

very very much a companion this is

somebody to have sit

in your home um and bring a lot of

happiness into a lot of people’s lives

you know i’ve got can i ask you that but


how does it do that i mean i i

understand like obviously you say the

primary purpose is a sex doll and to a

certain point you go

okay fine but when it comes to the

companionship thing

it’s a it’s a doll it’s made of plastic

it’s not living

it’s cold to the touch i’m not sure


i would feel more lonely having that in

my life than i would

just being on my own well

harley you’re fortunate to be married

and have children

there are a lot of people out there who

are not as fortunate and they actually


a dog as a presence a bit like having a

cat or a dog

in your home it is a present and

actually the dolls

they do warm up we can put voice boxes

in that’s always

quite a big request um so they can

actually there is an ai

function where they can talk to you um

in a fashion um it is the fact of i have

customers that buy the dolls to just sit

in a chair

or to actually lie in a bed it’s just

having somebody there

and that does unfortunately take the

place of a real person

social media these days has taken away a

lot of interaction and has made people

um very interactive online

but not so sociable outside and now that

we can no longer be sociable outside as


this is a really covered safe way of

being able to have a physical

interaction with someone you um you

charge about 1300 pounds for off the


um but you can customize up to 8 000

pounds what do you get for 8 000 pounds

so then you truly you you basically you

make the doll completely bespoke

to your liking so you would choose

everything um you choose all the

dimensions of the doll

any additional extras that you’d want

you’d have the hair

implanted which looks a lot better

um it’s a lot more aesthetically

pleasing so you just choose

every every aspect of that doll

you choose you design some people have

modeled them on

on partners that they’ve lost you know

like in bereavement

yeah yeah they have they haven’t and

that again has brought a lot of comfort


you know to people if that’s if that’s

what people want to do you know who are

we to judge or to criticize

it’s you know it brings them comfort in

their time of need

and so um remind me sorry what’s the

name of the doll that sat next to you


so this is jesse this is jesse so jesse

is one of your male dolls

he looks a bit shocked he does well he’s

on the telly he’s on this morning he

wasn’t expecting that

um you’ve seen an increase in male

dolls as well haven’t you i have yeah a

really large increase in male dolls

um there’s a massive market out there

um for you know yeah for male dolls and

transsexual dolls as well

you know really really big market and

have you been approached by couples

who want to uh to incorporate a safe

third person into the relationship

yes regularly the sec there’s the safe

threesome that’s uh

i mean actually i’m i’m actually in the

process of setting up like a pop-up shop

i am where i live

because i often find that couples in

particular they actually want to come

and view a doll before they purchase

so it’s something i’ve been toying with

for a while now and yeah i’m just

putting that into process now

and because you’d think that you know

the uh

people who are buying these online that

they like gosh that’s a strange image

isn’t it seeing those bodies hanging

like that

um yeah that’s really peculiar uh but

you you think um

people actually coming into a store and

sort of seeing you

it’s not so secret because you think a

lot of these people buying this online

they may not need want people to know

what they’re up to

but actually by by coming in it’s people

are quite open and and

up front about this yeah i mean i think


i think that i’m helping to change that

perception as well about about sex dolls

because there is so much more to them

you know it’s just so much more to them

i think they have had a bit of a bad

press you know a few years ago or

people have a perception of how they are

and i’m hoping that

me i’m helping to change that because

they offer

so much more than just sex and people do

want to come and view them

um they don’t always want to remain


a lot of people do um but you know so

when you’re when you’re making such a

considered purchase

you know you would often like to come

and see what it is that you’re buying

you know

touch the doll feel the doll you know

get get a real feel for the product

um they um they’re they’re very i mean

they’re obviously life-size but they’re


pretty heavy it took three people to to


bella in here uh this morning yeah um

where do people put them at home like if

your mum’s coming round or next to the

house do they go

do they go do they go under the stairs i

mean they’re too heavy to get up the

ladders into the attic what do you what

do they do with them

well you can i mean we sell storage

boxes on my website

um or you can buy a hangover yeah

where did the storage box go well the

storage box

the storage box you could maybe store

stuff on top of

um it all depends on the size of your

house i presume but

if the hanging kit you a lot of

customers actually put them in their


they do in their bathroom they hang them

but i know yeah imagine how freaked out

you’d be if you went back to that

person’s house

it would definitely be a little bit of a

shock yeah um

jade thank you very much indeed um a

business thriving

i know well congratulations well done

yeah well done well done and we shall

send bella back

immediately yeah bye bella

thank you thank you very much can i just

say and i won’t name who it was but a

member of crew

came in this morning to the studio and

thought it was me sat

on the sofa had a quick look when the

lights weren’t fully up

shocking wasn’t i shocked this morning

you were shocked i was shocked

because they said you know my god did

you have a rough night


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