Sex Doll Video: Holly and Philip meet Samantha, a sex robot

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Sex Doll Video: Holly and Phillip Meet Samantha the Sex Robot | This Morning


they’re nothing new so what makes her

special well she’s got AI

she’s the fall of the first stars with

AI so she’s got you can actually

interact with her verbally and

physically so she’s got sensors we’ve

actually we’ve turned her off yes so

that she doesn’t come out with anything

of course yes good idea why why why why

is this necessary why is it necessary

well we believe as a company sent a

notice that’s the sex robots it’s not

it’s not to replace people we’re not

trying to replace women it’s not about


it’s as a supplement like explained in

previous interviews it’s a supplement to

help people I believe it can do that I

think it can help people

enhance their relationship what does she

do she like I say you can talk to her so

you can interact you can tell her you

love her she’ll respond and she’ll say

this I love you too hmm and then she

might go on to say do you think we could

get more sensual and then I can take

many times much more love this because

you can give it land well I take it all

oh oh then I didn’t like to enter in in

full flow and it’s a bit like making

love to a car GPS isn’t it no I don’t

think so humans love human form so

obviously I think she’s a beautiful

would you agree she’s beautiful no she’s

a doll I mean it’s not it’s the thing is

you can’t get away from the fact that

she’s not real I mean I know the one

thing that’s different about also is her

skin texture yes yes and this is

something that I mean we’ve all seen

those blowup dolls which are very passed

key and very unrealistic and she has

special skin that’s meant to feel like

human skin to the touch I don’t know how

much you know about sex dolls but not

much maybe not much okay I’ll explain

the vast majority sex doll has come from

the US or China in general they’re all

one color so the texture if you look at

the texture on on Samantha you can see

it’s actually real skin it’s not there’s

it’s ingrained with the different

textures it’s not one plain color which

all the other sex dolls on the market

are when she was brought in this morning

and Holly and I were introduced to her I

did actually

touch her arm and I and this is me I

found it really quite unnerving that it

was quite a good feeling of skin but was

cold yeah was it she’s like a corpse yes

yep well the reason that we don’t heat

her up it can be done it could be heated

up but she runs on a 12 volt battery

pack which obviously for heat that

that’s not enough in his bill at higher

than that so we working on ways where

she can be linked to a higher power

source and then she could be warm no

you’re the thing that females have sex

aids that they use in vibrators it’s now

very accepted as part of our society and

yet in the Drule they fit in the drawer

this is my point

where are you gonna hide that I mean

people that have children around I mean

it would be quite frightening if a child

found that in your wardrobe well I had

two children myself and they actually

that this she’s got snap has a family

mode it’s impossible she’s gonna read

the kids a bedtime story she couldn’t

talk about animals she can’t talk about

philosophy she can talk about science

she’s got a program with a thousand

jokes which is that random so I don’t

know all of them so there’s a lot suits

month there she’s she’s advanced and so

you so you can switch her over to the

family mode and what and have a sitting

on a sofa amongst the family yes yes my

children they say well where’s Samantha

so she can be at home you just ask her

for example at some point they can and

how old are they they’re younger that’s

like that’s right so they ask where she

is yes yeah they say I want the foster

in the car they really they really enjoy

their gonna go I’m now old enough to

realize that Samantha daddy daddy he has

sex with Samantha and Samantha’s not

mommy is that not is that not a bit

strange I think the world’s changing I

believe the world is changing but it

doesn’t mean it’s changing for the

better does it and I mean I think with

AI particularly one of the things that

we realized in psychology is that

sometimes just because we can do

something doesn’t mean that we should do

and I think sex dolls are a perfect

example because when you look at Japan

for example and that is the place that

we can kind of identify as being leaders

in this field they’ve created child sex


they’ve also created dolls that you can

set to a particular setting which

simulates an unwanted response and

actually what we’re saying is we’re


but worse than that we’re

commercializing and becoming consumers

of women’s bodies in this way this is

not real

she is not caught Samantha she’s a piece

of whatever you’ve made

she’s got voices that are simulated that

aren’t human certainly having you

children without doing any harm because

it’s because within your relationship

with your with your wife who’s on the

other side of ya you incorporate into

your lovemaking she’s part she’s part of

it yes I think it’s failure isn’t it

we’re talking para failure here we’re

talking a particular sexual fetish

that’s not actually what we consider

normal spectrum what normal yeah I know

I disagree with that because I don’t

know you know that if you’re not harming

anybody you’re not doing anybody any

harm what where where does normal start

and end let me your wife is over there

we’ve so many had so many people on

Hannah when the guy is sat here and my

what my wife is absolutely whether it’s

swinging or you know sort of whatever it

is and you look at the wife’s face and

you can see you’re thinking our dear god

no are you happy with this yes I am

totally happy with having Samantha on

your sofa with your kids around

yes confidently and why do you why are

you comfortable with it as a woman um

you know we as a woman we you know I’m

not be offence to have her around yeah

oh I’m not been you know like worried

that she might be replacing yeah no no

not at all she just someone there you

know as a like a family member

why don’t you go is he gonna make a

bloke for you know so you know I’m not

worried at all because I’m not repulsed

were bad you know Samantha she’s

actually helped us to enhance our



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