Sex Doll Video: I Had Sex with a Male Sex Doll for a BBC Three Documentary

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I Had Sex with a Male Sex Doll for a BBC Three Documentary

I recently participated in the BBC Three documentary ‘Sex Robots and Us’. I was asked to have sex with a male sex doll and give my verdict, as a professional sex toy tester.


hi my name is Venus O’Hara and I’m a

professional sex toy tester in this

video I’m gonna talk about my experience

having sex with a male sex doll I

recently participated in a BBC 3

documentary called

sex robots and us and I was asked to

have sex with the male sex doll


and provide my professional opinion

there first I had my doubts because I

was thinking this is a bit weird

obviously I was really flattered to have

the opportunity to be on the BBC because

my mission in life is to raise orgasmic

awareness and that’s a great platform to

do it but I was thinking this is a bit

weird cuz I’m not desperate to be famous

and it made me think about the programme

the word from the 90s for channel 4

programme in the UK and there was a part

of this program called

I would do anything to be on TV and

people used to do all these freaky

things like I don’t know snorkeling

cow’s urine I don’t know it’s really

really silly or extreme things and I was

thinking they reminded me of that I mean

having sex with a male sex doll it

seemed very freaky and even though I’ve

tried lots and lots of different types

of sex toys I didn’t see it as a sex toy

I I almost considered it more to be a

human replacement and that that’s what

made it really really freaky for me in

the past I have watched documentaries

about sex dolls I find the subject

really really fascinating but when we

think of when I think of sex dolls then

we think of a hyper sexual female sex

doll usually with massive breasts and a

tiny waist

almost like Barbie but a lot bigger of

course it’s not something that I think

women are ever going to consume anytime

soon and that was my role in the

documentary to give her a female

perspective on this in terms of sex toys

I think women’s sex toys and men’s sex

toys are going in very very different

directions well if we look at sex dolls

for example I think people are trying to

go for the more and more

and hyper real or fantasy woman the most

important thing about a sex doll is what

it looks like I think it’s really a

visual thing whereas for women using sex

toys we like sophisticated shapes and

luxurious objects that do not look like

a veiny phallus at all and also when we

use a sex toy and even though we want it

to look nice during the act we’re not

looking at our toys lustfully and

thinking wow it’s a nice memorator

whereas I think people who use a sex

doll they’re they’re looking at it and

treating it as if it’s a replacement for

a human so going back to my experience

when I got over the freakiness of it I

started to think wow this is really cool

because as a professional sex toy tester

there is a lot of talk about dolls and

robots now and I really want to be I

really want to be able to try something

like this given that a sex doll costs

maybe between 2,000 and 5,000 euros

approximately then it’s not that easy to

be able to test one so I started to feel

very fortunate to have this opportunity

I saw pictures of the doll online before

I unboxed it well it it had a name

actually it was called Steven which was

very weird because some of my sex toys

have human names but not not really they

usually have I don’t know maybe

different names but this seemed like it

was it seemed like it was giving it a

personality right from the beginning and

as soon as I saw it I thought this is

this is definitely not for a woman and

this definitely has a male customer in

mind because you could penetrate the

mouth the anus and I was very curious

about the fellas because I couldn’t

actually see that online so I saved it

until the unboxing the doll arrived in a

big cardboard box and it looked like a

coffin really it was very very very

freaky how to screw the head on and put

a wig on

and put the phallus in because I had a

big hole where you can put

interchangeable penises which I was very

I wasn’t surprised about I was I last

what I was expecting because you’re

gonna spend 2,000 euros or pounds

whatever on a sex doll and he definitely

wants to be able to choose different

types of penises for different moods you

could have one that vibrates one it’s

got a bit of curve the phallus that came

with was far too big for me it was it

was very veiny and realistic and just

massive and there was just no way I was

gonna be able to to use that one so I

was actually able to use my own dildo

with the doll so that was a relief and

also for hygienic reasons as well I was

glad to use my own toy even though I

always use a condom with them

phallic objects anyway once I got the

doll assembled with its head and what

else we get cetera I carried out of the

box with great difficulty because it’s

really really really heavy and that’s

something I thought would be quite

attractive about it because I thought

maybe it would feel you know like having

the weight of someone on top of you in

missionary position that might be a

quite nice sensation if you’re missing

real sex but in fact it was just so so

difficult to move that it was impossible

it was impossible to even think about

that so there’s actually a lot of work

for me to be able to do anything with

this doll whereas with a sex toy it’s

just literally switch it on and then

close your eyes and then a few minutes

later you’re having an orgasm whereas

with this doll I had to go on top there

was no other way to to use it I had to

do all the work imagine spending all

that money on a doll and having to do

all the work and there was not even

clitoral stimulation so I couldn’t even

have an orgasm and that the head just

didn’t screw on properly was looking off

to the side looking out the window

and it was like having sex and someone

who’s just not that into you or not into

you at all the real freaky stuff

happened the day after filming actually

because as soon as we stopped filming

and we put Steven back in the box and I

kept my dildo of course I had to find a

shipping company that would collect a

Steven from my penthouse apartment that

has no lift and I tried to request two

people to come and collect it that just

just seemed to be impossible and then

whenever someone did come and this poor

guy came up all these dares and tried to

take it down on his own with great

difficulty and he was like that what’s

in this box what is in this box and I

said sports equipment I was just

thinking please take it please take it

because he was in the middle of my

lounge for a couple of days and I was

starting to worry a bit I thought if

something happens to me how am I going

to explain this and that’s something you

have to take into consideration and if

you want a sex talk they’re definitely

not easy to store and not easy to move

around either so discretion is it’s

definitely an issue anyway I hope you’ve

enjoyed this video and if you want to

watch the documentary sex robots and us

check out the link below

I haven’t actually watched it myself

thanks for watching

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