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Technology and Relationships; it’s a never ending question right? How much farther do we get from actual Human Contact with each new Social Media App introduced, Tinder and Bumble (where we judge folks merely on their attractiveness); with how mainstream Pornography has gotten. Men and Women just aren’t dating anymore and many people in the MGTOW Community are EXCITED for the rise of Sex Robots. However many in the Feminist Community are saying it’s going to lead to more Objectification of Women.

So Saleem Juma and Dion Thompson from Operation Cold Front took to the Streets of Seattle and University of Washington to find out what Women think about being replaced by…. SEX ROBOTS! 😀

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a tangent here no no can you define

mansplaining mansplaining

yes I can mansplain that definition to

you right now

yeah mansplaining is when a man is

talking to a woman usually I mean I

think that’s in the title when he’s

talking to a woman and he’s basically

explaining something that he assumes

that she has no idea what it is because

it’s like in the male’s

realm of whatever so that’s like a war

term or like a mechanic’s thing or

honestly just anything like a lot of the

academic world I feel like is like that

just yeah explaining something to a

woman that doesn’t need to be explained

I’m sure a lot of women know I don’t

know what about mechanics I can’t speak

for all women here his name is John see






hey guys my name is Salim Juma with

operation cold front and this is my

co-host kyon Thompson and today we are

at the beautiful campus of the

University of Washington as you can see

the trees are super nice I there like

white or what is it cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms right some where’s that

pink I don’t know it doesn’t matter so

what we are asking today is how do women

feel about being replaced by sex robots

yeah it’s a big thing right now there is

a huge pushback from the feminist

perspective and then there’s the m-ras

and basically people are kind of arguing

about it and the objectification of

women and there is a big chunk of men

that just don’t want to deal with women

period so it’s kind of a giant culture

clash but what do you guys think about

it like do we support that support it

and what do you think about it in

general I think that’s weird

I don’t think yeah I don’t think any

guys gonna be satisfied by a robot like

he could be satisfied by a woman like a

wife yeah but we actually have negative

birth rates in the United States anyway

and nobody’s getting married and people

are having kids regardless so I mean

yeah it’s definitely a factor if you

want to have children but most people

like how old you guys yes I’m 25 I mean

most people in our generation don’t want

to have kids as far as I’ve seen what

question so question what can i what can

a relationship bring to the table that a

robot would not but don’t you think that

could be good for children in relation

to bad for children their relationships

and things no it’s good guys too many

people in our wards today so we don’t

have to fix a quantity over we don’t

have to have kids anymore so people

should just paying robots there’s

actually a big big rise right now they

think they’ll be completely like more

human by like 2040 or 2050 but even the

ones right now are not fairly advanced

but they can do basic household chores

tell them tell you that they love you

and all that kind of [ __ ] you know so

what do you think what do you think is

contributing to that I would say

technology fair assessment in situ is

being like antisocial at that point like

the antisocial social club so what do

you think could be contributing factors

to that sex robots

yeah like wanting to replace the

relationship no more arguments how do

you feel about women being replaced by

sex robots that’s terrible yeah myself

because I’m a woman and I don’t want to

be replaced by sex robot that sounds

pretty demoralizing and yeah

yeah people like I said they they don’t

wanna face the consequences of having

sex and having kids and they you’re

selfish they want to live for themselves

nowadays and I think robot is like the

next step of having things fast and easy

but because of that you’re not gonna

have as much satisfaction you’re not

going to have as much reward is if you

did put time into relationship and into

a family I think there’s like tons of

men out there that want an actual we

won’t be completely objectified because

like we have other roles in society now

than just to be like a man but I guess

just like it’s a time when white men are

realizing that they’re not the top of

the world anymore top of the food chain

so anything that might you know fight

that is probably contributing to

replacing women with sex robots so

question you mentioned white men

specifically but there is a big chunk of

those disenfranchised young men who are

not white they are of every color black

Asian Indian Latino and they all feel

the same way about how things are going

do you think that it’s more of a white

male thing specifically or is it just

kind of a male thing specifically I’m

not entirely sure I mean it’s probably a

male thing specifically I just say white

men because you know they they are you

know kind of I feel like they’re a

targeted group right now in the sense by

everybody else being like okay it’s our

turn to like you know have our voice but

it’s probably an all men thing and for

my final question which side do you

think is more at fault do you think

women are at fault men are at fault or

its equal

I think they’re both selfish I think

when you really love somebody you’re

gonna give them your all there isn’t a

split there’s in 1550 it’s 100 100 so if

you’re selfish you’re gonna do things

just for yourself you’re gonna want to

fast you’re gonna want it easy but if

you’re really in love with that other

person you’re going to do everything

possible to make them happy and I’m

gonna do the same thing for you and it

shouldn’t be a problem if you’re doing

it correctly well I’m really trying to

do with this channel is show that right

in the left-wing aren’t actually that

different you may hold different things

important I mean there’s pro-choice

pro-life there’s legal immigration and

open borders I mean there’s a variety of

topics but the kind of hate that’s going

around the country right now is not good

for the country right so hey guys Salim

Juma here with operation cold front and

I’m Deon Thompson and we had one hell of

a day finding out what women thought

about being replaced by sex robots we

got some crazy interviews talked to some

great people and really I think we

managed to heal a bit of a rift from the

left and the right I think we did a good

job with that today I’m actually really

proud of us yeah you can follow us at

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