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Men Believe Sex Dolls/Robots Will Replace Women: MGTOW | Red Pill | Manosphere

Welcome to my channel where I mock and ridicule the ridiculousness that exist in Red Pill communities via YouTube and wherever else they reside. None of my videos endorse, praise, or glorify these men’s and women’s (yes, women) content. What are these groups? They include the Manosphere, Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), Introspective Black Men for Reform (IBMOR), Save Yourself Black Men (SYSBM), Incels, Men’s Rights Activists (MRA), Pick-Up Artists (PUA), Pick-mes, and others.

Red Pill men believe that the creation of sex dolls/robots on top of the “changes” in the dating market will make “modern women” obsolete.



what we are asking today is how do women


about being replaced by sex robots


so this week’s question is should i be

worried about sex robots but

the short answer is well yes and no

i think we should always be worried

about things that are created to replace

people in such an intimate way so what

and you’re not going to be able to stop

it with a bunch of

brain articles like this you’re going to

see a lot of dudes take the red pill

and probably go mgtow after this doll

comes out i’m just saying

and you want to know why it’s a lot

easier to save up 10 grand

when you don’t have to waste it in some

ungrateful hero

tax season coming up every broken [ __ ]

about to spend their tax on on that

amiibo 1800 some calls like two thousand

that [ __ ] put here my money bro if you

think about it bro it’s

low-key investment you feel me like if

you don’t want to give me no

oh well i would just my dog you bring me

out with your

so imagine a world where you can have as

much sex as you want

without the headache and the problems

that comes with it

that’s basically what it says robots are

for these sets the dogs are for

these women now have to compete with


these women now have to compete

with them


she doesn’t talk much do you you don’t

talk much to you

this is the 11 pound ass male

masturbator life-size sex doll realistic

virgin vagina anal struggle from their

masturbations mom up

but adult sex started too old for man


i hate this channel no no

bye fun love okay

the change is on the horizon and that

change is sex spots

and these sex spots are getting more and


and more advanced you see these sex

spots blatantly

undermine female power because what’s

between their legs is

the power that most of them have women

have a history of being replaced by


and we don’t have to look too far back

in time to see them

look at the evolution of the common

household the dishwasher

the laundry machine the oven the


with their homemaking capabilities

replaced we can logically move a few

steps forward

to their sexual and reproductive

capabilities being replaced

there comes a point in time bro when it

is tired of getting

beaten there

how did you get to the place where you

own a doll

come to find out it was like a video of

some dude

looking like this anime-esque cartoon

looking doll i was like what the hell

hey how much how much did it cost

uh first one was it was about 1700

and it’s uh six foot i always wanted to

bang like a tall chick i only ever had

that happen in real life like maybe


i think that women fear that they’re

going to be replaced by copies of


as seen in the 1970s film the stepford


they will be stripped of their precious

attention and responsibility will be

hoisted on their frail shoulders

instead letting them suffer lives of

quiet desperation will be justice for

all the years that they actually put men

through suffering throughout the ages

that’s why women will fight to the

bitter end to stop dolls

because they see the potential for male

freedom so they’ll do some jiggle tests

so you can see the uh you can

[ __ ] it whatever it’s got like double

d’s you could definitely

take it i think these dolls are the key

to successfully replacing if not

mitigating the need for women

if a man can have a threesome or force

him with dolls as often as he wants

why would he actually feel the need to

pursue subpar women in the real world

i think dolls will be the key to the

advancement of replacing the main reason

most men give women the time of day

sexual gratification



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