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Lars and The Real Girl Review

The movie shows Lars knowing how to love and how he wants to be loved. Lars relationship with his brother Gus and Karin are superficial at best. Lars talk with Gus after his therapist tells him to talk with Gus. Karin and Lars talk as Lars is upset. Both these scenes amplify the kind of connection Lars has and the one he desires.


lara’s in the real girl

it really hit me hard emotionally

and lars is a person who

establishes his own love and knows how

to love

and knows how he wants to be loved

when i connect with that i see exactly


lars relationship is with gus and karen

gus being

lars’s brother and karen being gus’s

wife an important thing to know

and see in this is that lars is sent to


and eventually he ends up getting a

plastic doll that

is a life-size

life girlfriend to him

two scenes really stuck out to me

because eventually

lars’s girlfriend was then made into

something the town and everybody was

there for him for

when lars talks to gus at one point

he asks gus because the therapist asks

him to

as anybody should because you can’t go

to therapist about someone forever you

have to actually talk to the person

and lars does this talks with gus and


how did you know you how did you know

when you were a man was it sex

and when gus is talking

he’s talking to lars like he’s a

stranger like he’s someone he’s barely


and they go down to the basement they

talk some more while he’s doing like

just laundry

chores at home kind of thing and

it’s interesting to hear what he has to

say because gus

is basically saying

oh you know you know you’re a man

because we do the right

you want to do right you want to

be this kind of thing and it’s

interesting how lazy he is with lars

how lazy he is as a brother to lars

seeing lars live in the back house and

have his whole life

be the way it is and him not

understanding it he doesn’t take a

presence to know it

and by the end of the conversation they

have in the basement

gus says you know i’m sorry i didn’t

take you away from

our dad because i guess the dad was

abusive i’m really sorry about that i

should have done that i was so scared

and anything he’s saying

about what a man is he wants to be or

he’s expressing what

he would want to be but he’s not there

he’s not doing it

he’s not even doing it in this moment

when he has an action

coming from lars that is different from

what lars did before lars never really

asked anything he was shy

even with his own family but now he’s

speaking to them in an

honest way and asking them

questions and right there he’s only


well this is what i want to be this is

what i want to be

but it’s not something he’s doing he’s


his own brother by doing that and later

karen is

talking with lars because lars is upset

that he doesn’t have his girlfriend

around him anymore the girlfriend is

being taken everywhere

and he’s upset he’s outside he’s really

frustrated angry

and karen tells him you know what we did

this for you we did this for you

and the way karen’s screaming

shouting so emotional it’s like

they didn’t want to do it in the first


well then why’d you do it why’d you do

it if you

can’t take that maybe lars is going to

be emotional in a different way than

what you would want isn’t this what you

wanted you wanted

lars to have a more open and expressive

way well he’s doing it

and he’s doing it with you he was so shy

and now he’s not

that’s why i love this movie it ex it

shows an expression of someone that was

so shy

that was unable or maybe didn’t have the

ability to know

that he could share this love that he

knows how to love with and knows

how he wants to be loved with everybody

else and and bring that to them

in a very honest and open way

that’s honestly why i love this movie it

really hit me at my core and

i could see that relationship dynamic

with the brother

in my own relationship in my own

relationship and the same thing with

karen there it’s crazy love it

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