Sex Doll Video: I was turned into a sex doll without consent“

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Sex Doll Video:’I’ve Been Turned Into A Sex Doll Without My Consent’ | This Morning



you were told that there was someone out

there who looked just like you your

spitting image everything from your bone

structure to your unique beauty spot

then imagine you found out that this

person wasn’t the person at all but

instead a sex doll well our next guest

25 year old model yael cohen aris claims

this is exactly what happened to her she

believes the sex adult company has used

images of her without consent to create

a racy toy that looks just like her and

yael joins us now live from israel uh

good morning to you thank you for

joining us this morning this is an

extraordinary story actually and i’m so

sorry that you’re going through this um

did the beginning of your career from

the age of 18 you joined the israeli

defenses forces and you were working

there for about four and a half years

and then you had this complete career

change just explain what happened there

in my career well i started you know

it’s mandatory in israel uh going to the

army so i just wanted to extend my ears

a little more because i thought that

maybe programming is something that i i

want to do and i did

but then i started using instagram and

social media and realized the potential

needs and also i wanted to you know it


hand-in-hand with my uh you know

childhood dreams to become an actress so

i figured out why not combine both my

tech background with social media and

that’s when i decided to go to

independent way well it is

especially explaining to the family what

you’re going to do because you were in

uh sort of tech services tech science

within the security

forces so that’s a very good future

career but you branched off and decided

right that’s it i’m gonna i’m gonna do

this um how did your family feel about

you pursuing that path

well honestly they

wanted me to become you know still be a

developer of course they knew their many


consequences as you can see

to uh share yourself online uh but

eventually they realized that this is my

dream and i

and they want me to be happy and you

know you know there is a consequences to

anything you do so uh consequence i’m

sorry um english is not uh yeah it’s

pretty good english you um so i mean the

consequences of what we’re going to talk

about now because you went online with

instagram and various other websites and

you became very successful lots of

followers and it was one of these

followers that said to you that have you

seen this sex doll that has the same

name as you

yes exactly i received a message from

one of my friends back at the time i

i opened the link to lead me to some

forum where they back at the time they

you know talk about my

head prototype so i really i couldn’t

really understand what i’m looking at

just few months later where it was a sex

doll for sale

so then when i realized you know the

scale of it and what’s going on

well i mean sort of legally we’re

supposed to say that you know it’s

alleged it looks like you um but i mean

it’s a bit blatant because they use

photos and videos from your insta

account to sell the thing um if we look

closely this is how closely they

followed you with your beauty spot you

have a little um sort of beauty spot

underneath your uh underneath your lip

which they have that

you know there’s

sort of proof but also it’s even got

your name

yes exactly it’s not just about the

beauty market my name i mean because you

know sex does it still dolls and there’s

you know how amount to how they could

look like human beings but

once it was connected to my identity my

images and videos and social media so

it’s there’s no mistaking here

yes so how does that feel i mean i find

it extraordinary i mean this really does

come down to consent i mean they’ve

allegedly like we said this is your

identity that’s being taken away and


for for the it’s a sex doll so how does

that feel seeing that

um well i’ll be completely honest i

don’t have anything against the sexual


but of course the problem here that they

did without my concept without all my

knowledge uh and also it’s double wrong

because what i said it’s connected to my

identity it’s not just a doll that

looked like me or inspired by me they

never in fact it was developed from me

so it’s double wrong in that case and so

um i mean you have sought legal help

here obviously the the company are iron

tech they’re in china we’ve reached out

to them multiple times but uh for a

right of reply but they haven’t

responded to us um it’s going to be very

difficult to pursue this um and covert

has obviously slowed it down as well um

if if they came to you and said

would you accept a percentage of sales

would you take it

well uh no

and i think that first of all it should

get off the you know the shells and and

that’s maybe we could talk what happened

and how thing went wrong and and why

uh but i think there’s something else i

want to out of it and maybe the better

income and i’m not talking about uh

concept compensation sorry i think that

uh learning a lesson from this is is the

best thing to go out of this story and

this is what i hope to also

achieve by bringing the story up and you

know bringing awareness because

that’s the the thing that i try to

pursue you know just you know

trying to bring a real conversation

about our privacy if we still want to

you know share ourselves online and

let’s be honest this the world heading

to this direction uh the tech get in

advance so we need to make this

discussion about how we can protect our

identities and that’s what i mostly want

to receive out of it i mean is there any

part of you that has is flattered by the

fact of all the women in all of the

world that this company chose your image

as kind of the ultimate woman that would

you know

people would fantasize over


i would i wouldn’t see exactly their way

but you know what

everybody likes to feel attractive and

and maybe that’s the the the positive

side of it that i wanted to see because

in everything that happened even the

worst thing i always choose to see the

bright side this is my personality so i

tried to figure out okay they did it

without my kids and they use it for

commercial use it’s a sex though and and

all this crazy thing


it doesn’t mean that the people find me

attractive so i guess that i chose to

see it fluttering in in that way yeah

they just took me a random girl from you

know from israel and that was when i

could i didn’t have much following or

you know present on social media so it

was pretty random and that’s the


uh element

has it increased your following

no no i wouldn’t say it no

i think that it is extraordinary now and

we’re getting more as you said yourself

uh danielle that we’re getting more and

more into this it happens in this


more with sort of online advertising

than your face my face martin lewis’s

face have been used for online

advertising that will absolutely nothing

to do with but for a company actually to

make you as a as a as a person um

blatantly make you as a as a sex doll is

a whole jump in a different direction so

there definitely does need to be some

worldwide legislation here although good

luck with that one because thank you

it’s going to be tricky but thank you

very much for talking to us thank you so



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