Sex Doll Video: Sex doll Brothels: a growing trend- BBC News

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Sex Doll Video: Sex doll brothels: a growing trend? – BBC News

Selling sex is said to be the oldest profession in the world. But now a new take on prostitution is causing controversy. Brothels full of sex dolls are opening all over Europe.

Clients go there and instead of paying for sex workers…they pay to spend time with incredibly realistic silicone dolls.

In this film, Sofia Bettiza travels to Northern Italy – where Europe’s only chain of doll brothels has opened its latest establishment.


sex dolls they’ve been around for

hundreds of years and more are being

bought in the UK than ever before are

you in love with your dolls you can’t

help but form a strange kind of bond

and sex doll brothels are popping up

across Europe will they ever make it

acceptable to choose a doll over a human

the eyes look real you can open the

mouth it’s just a game a different way

to express your sexuality

the Italian city of Turin is famous for

fashion cars and chocolates past a new

business is proving controversial a

brothel with a difference instead of

paying for women clients pay to have sex

with dolls I’m on my way to a secret

location to go and see this bottle for


honestly I don’t really know what to

expect in each room you find a bed a TV

a shower feels really squishy it feels

like like a stress ball and of course at

all the head turns so she’s like a sexy

sexy like a secretary so the lips are so

realistic and really soft the brothel

owners argue this place is ethical

because there’s no exploitation of women

and there’s no risk of getting an STD

even the feet they are manicured so you

clearly think about

if I touch the toes it’s like you know

it’s Jordan it’s like jelly you can open

the mouth we sell my condo thank you oh

my gosh when we link is until up a la

calidad is cara cara mm she on so this

file proper fantasy joke


it’s easy clients go on a website and

pick a woman or a man they can choose

hair color body shape or outfit prices

start from 80 euros which is about 70

pounds for 30 minutes I’m told most

clients are young men in their 20s and

30s many are straight some are gay or bi

but the owners say women and couples

also visit at the brothel I meet one of

Christopher’s clients he doesn’t want to

be identified he’s tried a sexto it was

a birthday present from his friends if

you’re going to pay for sex why not pay

a real person why pay for at all it’s

very different a prostitute is a real

person and can judge you for the way you

look or for fantasies you have a doll

can’t do that with a doll all I had to

think about was my own satisfaction I

felt more free you have a girlfriend

how did she feel about you coming here

and having sex with a doll she found it

quite funny actually

she didn’t see it as cheating cheating

requires emotions while this was just

physical she just saw it as an

opportunity for me to have fun and try

something out of the ordinary

so if more clients are using dolls does

that mean that they’ll stop going to see

sex workers and how worried are they

about losing their business

Luis is a male escort he says a lot of

his clients who are sexually fluid have

tried DNA by brothel in the beginning we

lost our customers for more than three


so it was like offensive for me as well

and I became useless or Y so you clients

all went to the brothel instead of

coming to you definitely if they are not

coming to me it means they are going to

both brothel

it’s not only a job it’s a passion from

me and I’m just losing it slowly-slowly

so I’m worried about it like in the UK

it’s illegal to run brothels here but

they aren’t any luzon brothels with

dolls and it seems that many sex workers

don’t actually have a problem with them

tucked away behind a car park a photo

shoot for Playboy is getting underway

are you worried about you top

absolutamente Nancy secondo made of

rubber appear now diverse SM Pradeep you

censor to tourists Oprah Judy Geo

do you find it offensive that someone

who chooses to pay for sex you choose at

all over you

absolutamente no I have not cause a

complete event anybody know you wanna

Bamboula no non petrm I render a new

post last good of a person Anita calorie

mono-acting see only the killer bumble

absolutamente no proof Lera do you think

that sex dolls could replace sex workers

no no no Mac red okay potrebbero pian

prendere comme un capilla de perky on

article interesante turkey a punto dalla


a multi-person ad Esprit mercy puny

veramente que con la propiedad ‘no but

some aspects a troubling hate looks like

a teenager

yes King one of the dolls in the brothel

is dressed like a schoolgirl

many would see this as a huge ethical

issue but the manager claims it’s just a

fantasy fantasy for man fantasy for men

it’s not just in Italy that people have

conflicting opinions about sex dolls so

I’ve come to London to hear from an

expert I think there are ethical issues

one of the things that’s quite

concerning is the production of

childlike sex dolls there have been

people prosecuted for this quite a few

in the last year I think that is an area

that needs a lot of regulation and we

have to keep an eye on that do you think

these dolls could promote the

objectification of women they’re an

incredibly reductive stereotype of the

female body they’re hyper sexualized and

they’re horrified I think that could be

damaging they’re certainly objectifies

women here in the UK there are people

using dolls in the privacy of their own

homes we’re going to meet one man who

has 9 of them when Dean got divorced and

his kids moved away he started to feel

lonely and so these dolls filled that

void he dresses them up takes photos

that he shares on social media and has

sex with some of them some people would

say that this is a bit weird and a bit

creepy what do you say to that I always

say why why is it creepy they say it is

disgusting why are you wasting your time

you know spend time with real people but

my dolls aren’t judgmental they don’t

say horrible things they wouldn’t have

voted for brexit and that’s why I like


Dean got his first all because he was

curious but ended up developing a strong

connection with her they feel like Sarah

is the girlfriend she’s a closest thing

I’ve got to him and how would you feel

if you started dating somebody and they

wanted you to get rid of your dolls if I

met a woman mad enough to date me now

and she said to me you have to get rid

of Sarah yeah I couldn’t do she because

I’d look at her and think well in the

last couple of years she has given me so

much and made me so happy

there’s no way I’ll get rid of that

sometimes I wish my dogs could talk to

me you know and I often look at it as

they say something please you know it

would just be that extra bit of realism

and I can see it coming in the future

and I hope I live long enough to see it

because I think that will be wonderful

and it will help an awful lot of lonely

people there are in the world but just

don’t have the ability to maybe get out

and socialize a lot of people in the

dolls they say that it’s about

companionship it’s about them having

it’s all that they can treat with with

respect like a partner

the global sex toys market is expected

to be worth more than 20 billion pounds

in 2020 and these are now an important

part Dean uses his dolls privately but

in Italy they’ve become a business Spain

Belgium Russia Canada are all embracing

brothels filled with sex dolls so could

this catch on in the UK

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