Sex Doll Video: Lars and the Real Girl (2007) Movie Review

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Lars and the Real Girl (2007) Movie Review

Lars and the Real Girl is a 2007 Canadian-American romantic comedy-drama film written by Nancy Oliver and directed by Craig Gillespie. It stars Ryan Gosling, Emily Mortimer, Paul Schneider, Kelli Garner, and Patricia Clarkson. The film follows Lars (Gosling), a kind-hearted but mentally ill young man who develops a romantic yet nonsexual relationship with an anatomically correct sex doll, a “RealDoll” named Bianca.

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and this is for a film called lars and

the real girl

will say

a bit of a weird

movie but of also a very quiet

well-acted movie

funny enough from the same director as

the fright night remake and cruella

although i like this film much more than

those two

it stars ryan gosling who’s an actor i

enjoy from

blade runner 2049

and drive from 2011

among others

he plays a very very shy guy

named lars

his brother and his brother’s wife live

in a house while he lives in the garage

and he’s very shy with everything he

goes to work there’s his very nice lady

who likes him but he’s very shy around

her he’s shy in church he’s trying to

fix something very quiet and when the

little thing falls he’s like

very very much in his shell

and i thought


the acting was fairly good like i said i

like ryan gosling’s a very different


compared to

the films i mentioned

very interesting to see

ryan gose is very shy meek you know

quiet guy

i like the the girl who plays the

brother’s wife because she’s very

friendly with lars even like friendly

tackles him to try to get invite him to


he’s been very nice to him

and then one day he

says he has a girlfriend

but he bought a sex doll

off the internet

but he treats the doll not for sex but

as a person

and of course the brother and the

brother’s wife are weirded out by this

but this is one of those films it’s a

quiet movie

that’s not going for obvious cheap jokes

i mean i wouldn’t say it was a funny

movie but it’s kind of a

a little bit of a heartfelt movie i

would say it’s a little bit of a

heartfelt film


you feel a bit bad

you feel bad for lars and

whether you know how realistic this is

of course it’s

but it’s kind of nice that you have this

whole town that kind of gets behind

putting up a facade

to pretend and go along with this guy

that this

is a real girl

because even the psychiatrist

psychiatrist is going

obviously there’s some issues

there’s a this is a delusion

he’s a shy he’s a very nice guy but you

know we come to find out this is his way

of dealing with


where the brother

comes to

the realization that when he left early

on and left his younger brother with the



maybe that affected ryan gosling’s


whether it be abandonment whether being

stuck with this guy this father figure

who did know how to raise him

all sorts of other stuff

the thing that like they don’t really

get in deep in the matter as to why he

became this way it’s just okay he’s


he’s shy


the people interact with him

and interacting with the

real girl

how they

their reactions making him feel more


he’s not comfortable talking with real

people but he’s comfortable talking to

this thing because it’s not going to

talk back to him or anything


this town through their teamwork


kind of breaking his shell down more and

more so he comes more and more out of

his shell

and there’s some nice moments like the

brother regretting you know i left home

as fast as i could

yeah i didn’t think about him

and he moved into our garage like a

goddamn dog and this is the brother

talking to his wife

his own wife about ryan dawson’s

character and feeling bad for what


or how there’s a boy where ryan gosling

is chopping wood saying you know

you don’t care no one cares as

the brother’s wife just unleashes

like what are you talking about of

course we tear look we’re doing all this

for you because they actually like you


you know we’re doing all this stuff and


you know

again still

not finding the delusion that she’s you

know fake but

we we take her everywhere and this one

she’s a pretty big you heavy


really trying to make him realize that


many people do care about him

again is this


on packaging of getting them out of a


i say it doesn’t really go much into the

me that matters to why he got to this

at least to me it didn’t

i mean you did you’d



because of

growing up with the dad and

but it didn’t really go in depth as to

what happened during that time period

you just

the idea that he was lonely and of

course my cynical nature is like okay i

don’t believe that entire town would

help this one guy

go along with this crazy idea there

would be people

talking [ __ ] there’d be people startup

fights there’d be people

taking it ripping it apart poking a hole

in it stabbing it just to be [ __ ] or

humping it

just to be asked there’d be a lot of

[ __ ]

so it’s one of those things that your

suspension of

disbelief has to be applied ideas

but it just i keep saying it’s a quiet

movie because it’s not a lot of cheap

jokes or

it’s not a lot of

bubba you know sitcom music oh look how

crazy this is

you’ve got a blob doll for a wife ha ha


to the laugh track you know it’s not

that type of movie not the slightest

but it does have some nice quiet moments

between characters

uh ryan gosling getting to know his


like his his co-worker and this other

guy they have this argument between her

teddy bear and

his attitude figures

so as a jolt he like hangs her teddy


and she’s not upset about that she’s

upset about her boyfriend

break up with her

and so i did ryan dawson coming more out

of his shell he’s like

trying to cheer up so he gets like the

teddy bear and does a fake like cpr see

he’s okay now


you know

it’s nice when he finally starts

letting people

shake his hand

because early said that if he if someone

touched him it felt like it burned


that was less and less so

and you see how what he comes more and

more of our shell

and out of his shell

he needs this

girl less and less the point that she

dies and then they have a funeral and

then finally it’s able to fully be out

of his shell

and live a life

normal whatever normal is but you know

normal-ish life

i mean it’s not a film that

if it’s labeled as a comedy i wouldn’t

say i really laughed

i really at all

it’s more like it’s a

quaint little


drama which a very

different kind of plot that again

you think with this type of thing would

go for cheap like sets jokes

potty humor it doesn’t do that

it’s uh

i like ryan gosling i think that helps i

like him after he’s a very different

type of role for him

i guess the little bit of humor is just

the awkwardness of him having this doll

like in church or

at the waiting office of the doctor and

at the same time it’s a little bit of a

feel good

as unrealistic as it is it’s still a

kind of a feel-good feeling of this town

using teamwork to help this one

individual out because they like him

that’s why his town has a bit of a sweet

nature to it you know it has

i i would say it barely has a soundtrack

because i barely remember any music

was probably why i keep thinking of the

word quiet


like the few times people yell is

when the again the brother’s wife is

yelling at him with chopperwood of

course we tear why do you think we’re

doing this for

very very few times a1 rises their voice

up to any


levels of a decibel


at least it’s not

generic i wouldn’t say it’s a generic

typical plot

so that made it at least a little bit

interesting to see where it would go


you know i liked

ryan dawson’s character felt sorry for

him wanted him to get better i just wish

they delved

a bit more into

why he became that way

like what was the actual bottom of the

barrel reason for it

and if they did attempt it i think i

wish they would have done more

and so it’d be even more of a depth

to the to the film a bit more depth to

the story

and to the

the main character

i’m not saying you have to go with the

fact that oh he was abused or anything

i’m just saying just a little bit more a

little bit more

maybe simple conversations where he lets

this slip

to the brother’s wife he lets this slip

to the brother himself and he he keeps

letting these other little

flashbacks not that we see flashback but

these little nudges of information what

happened in the past

but hey i remember this one moment

well you know what for some reason it

made me think of this one moment like

these little asides

so you add them all together oh okay now

i have even better understanding what’s

going on

because the closest you’d get to see

this when the brother’s like

i shouldn’t have left you alone with him

the brother talking about the the dad

maybe some people feel that’s all you


i would out of mind a little bit more

but it’s a sweet little harmless movie

independent film


you know if you like ryan gosling it’s

worth the watch at least for that

which i am a fan right now it’s not a

film every watch again because

as a comedy didn’t really make me laugh

or bust a gut or

or as a drama

it was sweet but it was nothing

i felt any gravitas or any

deep emotional inkling


this that was a movie and it came out



was bit different

you know which i appreciate especially

compared to nowadays where everything

feels like the same [ __ ] thing

only the pushing shitload of agendas

down your throat

or just lazy [ __ ] where you remember

this we’re gonna remake it and remake it

or remake it


at least it’s a little bit different off

and off the the beaten path

i know this shorter video but it’s


simple to the point

and you know you watch the trailer and

you find out if you want to see it for

yourself again for me it’s a you know

being able to move on

dealing with loneliness in a way

for someone to come out of a shell

how with the help of



even strangers

you’re you can be able to


more free and what you can say how you

can behave

which is not too bad of a message

so that said thanks for watching

the direction

it’s basic but it’s fine same with the

cinematography there’s really nothing

busy work style to it

to really come into

it’s more of you know the writing is

decent the acting


quirky idea

that’s more into play than the direction

the direction there’s no

camerawork wise against cinematography


there’s nothing that stood out to me

just fine


very limited use of music which i think

i’m guessing it’s all was on purpose

and overall not a bad movie not a bad


so with that said thanks for watching

take care we’ll see you guys later



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