Sex Doll Video: Lars and the Real Girl – Exclusive: Ryan Gosling

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Lars and the Real Girl – Exclusive: Ryan Gosling

We go one-on-one with actor Ryan Gosling to talk about his role Lars and the Real Girl.


movie there is a physical

dimension to the lares that i was very

curious about how you found that

character because he’s understated he’s

having you know trouble expressing his

emotions but as far as the you know the

blinking eyes the you know the

bottled-up look that he has how did you

get to that point flushing that out yeah

I think you know look he’s Lars is such

a great character that I wish I wish

everybody could play him the way I wish

it was a play and I could see all kinds

of actors do it in a way eating this

sort of feel like you know you hope

you’re doing the character justice but

it’s just your take on it you have a few

months to prepare for

do the best that you can all of those

things that you mentioned the kind of



with things that just kind of developed

you know I don’t know really how those

things come it’s kind of the fun of the

job things just happen alright um there

is a sweetness to the story that caught

me by surprise because the entire town

kind of comes together and they really

help Lars you know through this process

by adopting the doll as a real person

and whole time I was waiting you know

for someone some to be like Lars

you’re at the lose you know blah blah

blah but that doesn’t happen and that

was very surprising so was that what

really endeared you to the script yeah I

think that the I think that the script

and Nancy as a writer I think it’s kind

of a radical movie in the sense that it

has like the guts to be nice and to

where it’s hard on its lead and to be

totally exposed you know it’s not it’s

not cynical at all you know I but I do

feel that it’s realistic you know I

think that it’s a matter of perception I

think in a situation like this what most

of us would assume that things would go

terribly awry I when I was reading a

script I kept waiting for somebody to

burst his bubble or something bad to

happen to her and you know but it

doesn’t and I think that’s possible you

know and I think that that the Nancy the

writer thought it was more interesting

to explore what would happen if you

walked into a place that you were afraid

for a person who’s afraid of being

himself which we all kind of are in some

way what happens if you walk into a

world of total acceptance how would you

handle that

and it’s an interesting concept quick

question about your choices in film this

this character Lars is very different

from anything that we’ve seen you do I

mean we’ve seen you do some

introspective characters before and you

know some violent characters but here’s

a character that’s totally sweet and

good-natured and I was wondering do you

find these roles more in the indie

system or do you find that Hollywood has

kind of given up on like a film like

this well I don’t think that there are

many films like this you know think that

there aren’t that being kidnappers

special writer and I think that the

movies like this are rare because people

like very rare so I don’t know that this

to me this doesn’t fit inside the

independent world or the Hollywood world

is sort of like its own thing it’s like

that movie Harvey with Jimmy Stewart

like that’s a great movie and we all

love it but there’s never been anything

like it again I don’t know why it’s just

these things that just avoid John

resents themselves a few how asking

movies or something

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