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Hidden Gems of Cinema: Lars and the Real Girl

Thanks for watching another episode of Hidden Gems of Cinema ©, where we highlight underrated, under-seen and under-appreciated films throughout history. This week we’re talking about LARS AND THE REAL GIRL – one of the strangest and most unique love stories you’ll ever come across.

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hey guys welcome to another episode of

hidden gems of cinema I’m Jordan Ross

and I’m like a Zavala and we’re talking

about a really sweet independent drama

called Lars and the real girl and had

you seen this before no I haven’t but as

I’m watching it I’m wondering when did

somebody film my life yeah and it’s a

really it’s a really story it’s a story

about my life yeah I know and you know

what we have a lot of similarities but

yeah to that later that we’re gonna cast

Aziz Ansari not enough star power right

I had to go with Gosling ya know I like

a lot for those of us seen it it’s about

a delusional young man who strikes up an

unconventional relationship with a doll

he finds on the internet a sex doll

don’t be all right it’s normal and he’s

you know this kind of socially awkward

autistic he didn’t like people but he’s

he’s functioning he got work and do

stuff yeah yeah I can relate yeah once

again he it’s Michael all right we all

know someone that’s not quite mentally

challenged but they’re really awkward

socially right and it just kind of the

whole time I’m watching this that made

me want to hug Ryan Gosling because he

feels so bad for him it’s uncomfortable

even though if you hugged him someone

like that right they would hate I don’t

like being touched either so that’s

making me very confident right now

it burns like so it’s crying what I do I

do yeah there’s so many underrated

actors in this they’re all well pretty

much everyone in the cast even Ryan

Gosling I feel like doesn’t get enough

credit right for how good of an actor he

is he cuz everyone thinks of him as a

heartthrob but you know he’s really good

in this yeah it’s really unconventional

for like a comedy because most of them

are real silly and like fart jokes and

you know real dumb and this could have

been really creepy or you know yeah

overly silly yeah like Will Ferrell

playing someone in love with a sex doll

right but it was really sweet and

heartfelt it’s a lot like a movie her

with Joaquin Phoenix 3 falls in love

with his computer I saw that it’s a

socially awkward guy with a mustache

falling in love with an inanimate object

again it’s lovely yeah that was also

based on a sequel of my life it’s an

important film to and regards to

interacting and communicating with

mentally and or socially disabled

because it shows what they kind of go

I know how and how to approach them how

to talk to my cousin that’s autistic

yeah and it reminds me

maybe I’m artistic yeah yeah you’re very

artistic and autistic Oh

autistic huh I love how supportive and

accepting everyone in the town is – yeah

I’ll just kind of come around him and

that was the that was like the sweetest

yeah I I’d like to think someone would

do that for us

probably not but now Kelly garner the

love interest I really like her she’s

really sweet and timid perfect for Lars

you know right Emily Mortimer is his

sister-in-law she’s like the best

sister-in-law in the world yeah sure she

like cares more about her brother-in-law

than his actual brother yeah speaking of

Paul Schneider his brother he’s a really

subtle and and natural as an actor and I

like him a lot he’s a really look like

brothers actually yeah they could be

right yeah and this is the movie that

showed me that Ryan Gosling is a really

great actor before that I liked him but

it was mostly a yeah yeah because he’s a

good-looking guy yeah but this he’s like

so sweet he’s like a big you know shy

awkward puppy and I love how he laughs

at things in the movie that aren’t funny

or supposed to be funny or that when

people aren’t joking like when the

doctor says she gets so lonely that

she’ll forget what day it is and laughs

right if it’s relatable yeah and I love

his little subtleties like how he pulls

away just slightly when someone touches

him yeah or when he’s interacting with

people and he blinks a lot only someone

like that that every time they start a

sentence yeah just start blinking if

someone says something that makes them

too uncomfortable or it’s too personal

he kind of just ignores what they said

and just changes walk or just walks off

yeah a few fun facts pourer favorite

moments the scene where Lars and Bianca

are about to enter the party was

entirely improvised so was the scene

when he’s doing CPR on Margo’s teddy


and the real doll and the movie had nine

different faces that were used to show

the evolution of her character oh the

one when she’s sick was slightly greener

than the other one so yeah so now our

favorite moments I’ll let you go first

I just the concept got my attention and

I I thought was weird at first um yeah

why is Jordan making me watch this yeah

like my mom oh this is really cool and

really sweet I liked I think the fact

that when I realized what was going on

when he knocked on the door and said

bringing somebody or whatever I’m a who

is he bringing over what’s going on

so you know yeah then BAM you sitting on

the couch just like not knowing what to

do at all I think that was a that was a

part for me that got me yeah that hooked

me that was the hook yeah and it was I

think that was my favorite point yeah

there’s a lot of good moments in it but

I was my favorite I have a few I’ll get

the real quick I love one Ryan Gosling

is laying in the tree house singing

l.o.v.e to Bianca


is more than just a game and you can

tell he feels more comfortable with her

this doll than he’s ever felt with any

person because he’s not blinking like

crazy with right and when he’s around

her he’s more comfortable around other

people sure so I thought that was really

cool I really like the scene when the

doctor is trying to get him to take off

his layers and touch his arm and stuff

to get him used to physical contact with

another person right and that that’s

another thing that reminded me of my

cousin you hug him and I’ll hug you

because he knows it’s what you’re

supposed to do right but he you could

feel them tins up when his work friends

are throwing the party I love how nice

that couple is like the the husband is

dancing with Bianca yeah and this the

shot of Ryan Gosling just dancing with

himself can I like close in his eyes

real tight because he feels awkward with

all these people around him and he’s

just dancing with himself like this was

so heartbreaking but I loved that shot

it was so sweet yeah it’s an awesome

movie go check it out it’s really really

really good and be sure to follow us on

social media and subscribe to our

channel if you have any suggestions for

another movie that’s underrated or under

seen just let us know in the comments

and maybe we’ll pick that movie for a

future episode so until next time I’m

Jordan Ross and I’m like Oh Savalas yeah


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