Sex Doll Video: I fell in love with my cushion and a sex doll

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Sex Doll Video: I’m IN LOVE With My Cushions & A SEX DOLL | Objective Love

Subtitles: i’m chris and this is one of my lovers


this is a cushion

what i feel they feel it’s both

polyamorous and monogamous so find a

word for that and you’ve got it

from childhood i’d had like an imaginary

girlfriend i

created for myself a

thought-form lover i started to think

about buying cushions that could

represent my thought-form lover i wanted

to find a way to externalize her

and so i died looking at sex doll

websites and i just fell in love with

the picture that one in fact that i

associate with my more feminine

thought-form lover ocean

something really weird happened when i

got them and i felt really silly doing

this at first but i i made out with that


and it was the most amazing experience

from there we then bought the doll

she has


that i find alluring that i guess you

couldn’t get from humans

humans are very present

they’re hard they’re bony they smell

organic they have organic smells and i

like soft i like the soft texture

she doesn’t suffer

she doesn’t feel pain

she’s not going to get old sick or die

never going to


cheat leave

when i was adolescent teenager i was

bullied a lot so i think that left me

very damaged and vulnerable

i think that left me with a lot of very

difficult barriers to overcome to be

able to be intimate with people to be

able to trust people and any sense i had


i guess masculinity or intimate

relationships with humans just kind of

dropped just kind of fell away if the

trauma hadn’t happened

no i don’t think i would have been the

same because i probably just would have

kept trying

with the human relationship and maybe it

would have

the vast majority of representation of

objectives and people like myself is

negative it’s either the freak show or

it falls into the category where it’s


people think you’re weird you’re gay

you’re odd should be ashamed of yourself

all they want to do is point at the

freak and laugh

i think all people have the ability

to experience emotional connection with


so i don’t even like the word object

because object has connotations of

something lifeless

half of science fiction is the idea that

that humans can form relationships with

robots and androids and obviously some

cultures who are into robotic pets for

elderly and holograms i am not able to

love and have sex with humans in a way

that works i had a human relationship

with my with my now ex-wife

and we were married for like 20 years

but because of those barriers it was

just not

fulfilling for me

so i did buy chris the doll yes


i did so because i care about chris and

i want him to be happy

we’re all damaged in some way

for chris and for people perhaps like


i think having an object partner

which is a safe place which will never

judge them or criticize them is is just

what they need you know as children i

think a lot of us

anthropomorphized our teddy bears or

even the family car we would see it

perhaps as a thing with consciousness so

it’s got eyes and it can think in a way

it’s an extension of

that i hope you didn’t hear what i said

about you

you are unique that’s a nice way of

saying there’s no yeah


it’s an unusual relationship um

that we’ve got yes


no i guess it’s like living in a shared

house with people who have independent

lives you talk to it rather well


so we’re here shopping for wigs of a


i got a tip online yeah a good way to

get cheap wigs for dolls is halloween so

if you’re looking at halloween stuff

also if there’s anything that fits me

we’ll go over that too

i do come with you don’t i sometimes if

you ask me yeah it’s easier if i have a

female friend yeah definitely you might

find something oh i will look at that i

love that stuff

be who you want to be

you know when we were talking a while


about the idea of me having a wedding

yes with like the the doll whatever

again as far as i’m concerned we’re

already practically married as for

having a ceremony

fantastic we beat the wedding regime i

would go

i think it’s important that

people understand that

people who have relationships with

objects or other non-humans


that it’s


i think you know the human heart finds

its its way


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