Sex Doll Video: Met the proud owner of a dozen sex dolls

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Sex Doll Video: Meet the proud owner of a DOZEN sex dolls

NOT every daughter would be thrilled if their dad filled his house with a harem of glamorous life-size female dolls – but Rhiannon says it “warms her heart” to see her father so happy.

Her double divorcee dad Dean Bevan, 58, buys his 12 pals bras, celebrates their birthdays, does their make-up, dresses them and shares a bed with one.

Rhiannon, 20, was shocked when he started his collection after giving up real women three years ago.

But she now understands it keeps him from feeling lonely since he retired from his job as an NHS mental health nurse.

Uni student Rhiannon even helps with the dolls’ make-up, and choosing their clothes.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, she says: “I’m not going to pretend this is normal. It’s bonkers. But as I see it, it’s innocent fun. When I pop round, dolly girl Monique is sprawled on the sofa ‘watching TV'”.

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well I’ve told my kids not to waste any

money on expensive funeral for one thing

have me burnt and stick me in avars and

preferably in a little room with Sara

I did suggest having me stuffed and put

me in with the girls I sure wouldn’t

mind that option if that’s possible I

know it’s a bit illogical the logical

part my brain is constantly solvable

yeah this voice in my ear saying come on

mate let’s get comfortable but

nevertheless it’s a thing


this is Magda

she is the newest lady to join us this

is Athena

this is Suri good morning that’s Hellena

so fear is the second lady that I got

Olga and he joined us a few weeks ago

actually I do feel very protective of

these ladies if someone comes in is

rough with him it rankles with me you

know she’s been with me every three

years this October she’s leaning back


she stopped being in it within hours the

specs on I stopped seeing her as a

anything more as a not a person of

course but something more than 8 WM

occasionally yeah it’s it’s nice to wake

up in the morning and see a pretty face

I’ve taken thousands of pictures with

her son which I’m quite proud of you

know some of which I’ve been praised for

so that has to mean something


most of the need to have a baby oil rub

every three months I did Sara the other

day I think you have the lighting she

has got such a sexy curvy shape she

looks like a Barbie on steroids doing a

picture session with Athena in this

village called pin mill and I put it

back in my car and I happened to rest a

bottle of water in her hand and walked

away and this guy saw her and was

talking to her and he come up to me he

said oh a boy she all right in there and

I said what do you mean he said well I

think she might be thirsty you know and

she’s hot and I said

if I was to meet a woman that was mad

enough to want to date me I have to make

some changes I’d have to accommodate him

if they were going to share this room

for a start all these pictures have to

come down but if they would say to me

you’re gonna have to get rid of Sarah

then don’t piss them to phone I would

even consider it it’s just no way it’d

be crazy

it wouldn’t do


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