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How to use Mineral oil etc on your love doll


hey guys

video psych here now as you can see

got my girl claire here sitting next to


again and we’re going to talk about

how to use mineral oil petroleum gel

etc on your loved old and the

reason why you need to do this at least

for your tpe doll

you don’t necessarily need to do it for

your silicone doll

at least lots of times this is of course

a real doll

who is made up which is made out of

silicone and you do not need to

do this kind of [ __ ] with her which

is a godsend

let me tell you it is a lot easier to

not have to do this

for your loved all all the time

especially for the love dolls

where you have to sometimes do it on a

monthly basis which would be a real pain

in the ass let me tell you

but i of course had once had a wm doll

had her for

over four years as you guys know if

you’ve kept up with my channel

and of course i had to use baby oil on

her every now and then

and i sometimes would occasionally use

petroleum gel

or jelly on her in certain areas

now basically the way you want to do

this is during

your cleaning process when you’re

carrying for caring for your doll

is first of course you need to rinse off

you loved all they needed

you need to wash her and then

that is when you put the mineral oil

petroleum jelly

on your love doll to help rejuvenate you

know her

skin basically or

texture etc now if you do not do this

often enough for your tpe love doll

what will happen is that you’ll start to


scars and cracks

along the surface of the material is

what’s going to happen

it the material is going to eventually

dry out

if you don’t give it the right amount of

mineral oil over time when you have them

because the mineral oil and the love

doll evaporates is what happens

and so after a while it dries out

that is of course unless you keep up

with the mineral oil etc

now like this person stated on here

god damn it i can’t even [ __ ] put my

own password and that’s where

now i would say this is basically a


way to go through the process of you

know of course putting mineral oil on

your left doll

he states i put this in existing

okay the tpe contains mineral oils

which dry over time hardening and


the tpe my adult is one of

one month old and developed little

holes in the knees and elbows already

the falling care should be done from the


monthly oiling of the entire doll with

baby oil

after the recommended monthly bath

application of nivea cream which is

something you can also use

weekly at the elbows knees and armpits

now i just so you guys know i never used

it weekly though just so you know

now if you’re having to do this weekly

this probably something that

is either wrong with your doll or

something wrong that you’re doing just

so you know

now next he says vaseline inside the

cavities of the doll

this softens and also creates a runoff

for water preventing mold vaseline

is bad for silicone but good for tp well

i mean

of course it is but

beyond that’s that is basically how you

do it though

and like i’ve said that this also

depends on the brand that you get some

of them are more lenient

lenient than others i mean when i had my

wmdoll i mean i only did it like maybe

i don’t know if it will be different

from you guys but

i actually didn’t even do it that often

like maybe it once every few months

and when i wasn’t using her much i maybe

did it like

maybe a couple times a year i mean that

was with me of course

i understand for some it might be a bit

different though depending on what place

you get it from depending what brand it

is etc

whether it’s a knockoff or it’s the real

version of it

etc i mean it’s just kind of ridiculous

so of course with this headache of


that you know you have to know sometimes

in order to

know what you’re doing i put a link in

the description to the doll form

there is a page that they have made


to talking about the process

of putting mineral oil petroleum jelly

new view etc on your love doll

and again it is one headache

of information it will give you a

[ __ ] headache at first when reading

through this

it says at the top here though just so

you know just i’m

just reading this out just in case you

don’t read the top part here in red

precautions by using this mineral oil

based products on your tpe doll

the responsibility is on your side

the methods mentioned in this thread are

invented by the doll

com by the doll community

and might not be supported by your doll


or manufacturer of your doll

neither tdf the doll form nor any doll

manufacturer is responsible for any


you may do to your doll by the misuse of

mineral oil

based products but also just so you guys


you can also overuse mineral oil

and so that’s why i was stating that

the guy might have been doing something

wrong is because he might have at some

points been overusing

that view stuff on on the elbows and

knees and stuff

but you just never know sometimes but

you definitely

don’t do it on a weekly basis that is

just way too [ __ ] much

do it like once a month month and a half

is the right amount that you need to be

doing this at most

and like i stated it also depends on the

way you’re using it

type of manufacturer whether it’s

knockoff etc

just so you know of course with that

being said

again if you want more information

either go to the doll form or go

to the link i put down below in the


and i’ll see you guys later but of

course you’re still free to ask


comments etc goodbye

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