Sex Doll Video: Realdoll repair warning! Do not use supre glue gel!


Realdoll repair warning! Do not use supre glue gel!

I took down the video I made a couple weeks ago about Sarah’s boo-boo repairs because the supre glue gel I used failed within a couple days


about a week or so ago maybe a couple

weeks ago I uploaded a video about

repairing Sarah’s boo-boos with what is

this [ __ ] do I still have it behind me

over here

superglue gel it was a gorilla super

glue gel which can’t seem to find back

here but I fixed a tear on her left

elbow and all her finger wire pokes but

I took that video down because within

three days of that repair all her

boo-boos opened back up again all the

finger wire pokes have opened back up

that tear on our elbow did reason this

happened is because whenever that

superglue gel cures it hardens in this

flesh that they use on Real Dolls is

real soft of addition cure silicone

which is real soft and flexible stuff

now on the packet now silicone is a type

of rubber and on the packaging to the

superglue gel it said that it works on

rubber but I guess they mean hard rubber

and not a soft silicone because that

stuff hardens and this you know flex is

flexible joints cause that superglue

hardened superglue gel to just crack

apart and it just cracked all the pieces

there’s hardly any remnants of it left

the camera will focus and just get a few

little hard pieces like that little

super glue rocks but most of it’s all

gone it’s just a soft silicone again now

I shared the video on the doll forum and

then I posted an update to the doll for

I’m saying that it failed and somebody

on the doll forum suggested that I try

windshield sealant so whenever I’ve got

the money to buy that product that’s

what I’m gonna try next is a silicone

windshield sealant yeah you can see

there’s another little hardened

Chungking superglue gel because yeah

clearly a super glue gel failed and if

if the windshield sealant doesn’t work

then maybe some point in the future I’ll

order the proper sill epoxy from the

best creations although like I said in

the video I originally posted about this

I had repaired finger wire pokes on her

several times with silica with the sill

epoxy that came with her and these just

kept tearing back open but uh that’s

something anybody that’s considering

getting a real doll needs to know is

that the silicone flesh is very soft and

boo-boos are absolutely inevitable so

this is just something you got to deal

with if you’re gonna get a real doll but

yeah just wanted to set that warning out

there to the like three people host who

might have a real doll that see this

video do not repair your real dolls with

superglue gel I’ll post another video

whenever I get a another product to try

and whenever I do

attempt this repair again with another

product I will shoot the video of the

repair and then sit on the footage for a

little while and see how the repair

holds up and then I’ll pose and then

I’ll add on to that video with a little

bit of information about how it held up

and for how long and then I’ll post it

so that I can try to get the best

information I can about this the yeah

thanks for watching leave the comment if

you have one like subscribe all that

[ __ ]

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