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I Bought My Fiancée A Sex Doll | EXTREME LOVE

A BRIDE-TO-BE has opened up about her desire to bring a male sex doll into her love life. Shawna, from Nova Scotia, Canada, has been spurred on to purchase a special silicone companion by her fiance’s collection of the life-size sex toys. The couple already share their home – and bed – with doll enthusiast Dave’s three female sex dolls, which sometimes leave Shawna feeling lonely. Shawna is now eyeing a male model of her own, with no less than three interchangeable penises.

Dave and Shawna’s story will feature in WE tv’s new series, Extreme Love, airing on Friday 28th December 10pm EST.


Dave lives an idyllic life


with his fiance Shauna and their 10 dogs

in Nova Scotia the pair met online five

years ago and they’ve popped the

question after just a month I love you

since he accepted her love for dogs

she said yes when I was younger I was

never allowed to have any animals so I

think I kind of like made up for it and

while Shauna is mad for dogs

her fiance has his own obsession

something do you remember our first day

as I do when I met David what I loved

about David was his bubbly personality I

was sort of in a daze because you were

very beautiful and pretty I’m looking at

you across this thing and I say wow I

can’t believe how lucky I am

I’m not gonna waste any time I took her

down stairs within hours of meeting an

unsuspecting Shana was led down into

Dave’s basement

where she met Bianca Airedale and Amaya

I said oh my god

all these dolls hanging off me tracks

there’s like big Barbies I took their

hair off of it on myself oh yeah

dress them up you know I was thinking of

just big Barbie like Barbie doll I think

oh my dreams so Shauna agreed to share

her man with his big Barbies which came

as a massive relief for Dave who’s been

collecting and making love to these

dolls for over 10 years extreme love

you’ve never seen love like this before

premieres Friday December 28th at 10 on

WE tv

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