Japan’s lonely economy is booming, and singles are scrambling to buy Silicone sex dolls

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In the 20 years of Japan’s economic loss, the fertility rate has repeatedly bottomed out, and the number of single people without partners and marital relationships has increased. In desperation, silicone dolls have become the choice of companionship. They hope to be buried with silicone dolls after death, and the “lonely economy” has reached its peak in recent years!



























According to relevant media reports, due to lack of self-confidence, fear of trouble, lack of money and time, more than 40% of Japanese men and women aged 18 to 34 have no experience in men and women, and nearly 70% have not been in love. Many people admit to having “heterosexual phobia” and dare not contact the opposite sex.
These reasons make silicone dolls sell well. In Japan, it is difficult to distinguish silicone dolls at first sight. According to the manufacturer, they are all made of model turnover. Not only can the eyes rotate, but also the materials used are very textured. It can also be customized. According to customers’ needs, it can make any proportion, skin color, body shape, and can also match different clothing accessories. In the future, we will develop thermostatic and wireless sensing devices!
According to BBC reports, about 2000 silicone dolls are sold in the local market in Japan every year, each costing about 6000 US dollars, with an output value equivalent to 80million yuan, excluding overseas sales.
The BBC also visited several middle-aged uncles who were accompanied by silicone dolls. In addition to living with silicone sex doll, these middle-aged uncles also took them to the seaside and the market to play. They also took silicone dolls for picnics in Japan during the cherry blossom season in April.
One of the men said that he had found true love and treated the doll as an adult. He said: “I will not break the rules, nor will I ask for flowers and willows, because I have treated it as a family member.” Even if he had a wife and children, he would not give up the silicone doll.
It is no wonder that more and more Japanese are unwilling to meet the demands of their partner, perhaps in order to avoid being lovelorn, they have stopped talking about true love, but they have found the feeling of companionship from silicone dolls.

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