Some Silicone Sex Doll Maintenance Tips

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Unlike TPE sex dolls, silicone sex dolls are easier to maintain, which is why they are more expensive. Even so, you still need to clean your silicone dolls regularly. Here, we’ve sorted out some silicone sex doll maintenance tips to help your silicone doll always stay in good condition.

The silicone sex dolls suck dust and fluff, so the most frequent cleaning is to remove dust.

5 Sample Steps to remove the dust and fluff on the silicone dolls

Step 1:
Take a clean powder brush and dip some baby powder.

Step 2:
Brush the surface of the silicone doll to remove all debris.

Step 3:
Gently use a soft sponge or hand to slide along the silicone surface to wipe off dust, lint, or hair.

Step 4:
Rinse with clean warm water and then lightly pat the doll with a towel to dry it, or let it air dry. Do not rub or scrub the doll.

Step 5:
When your doll is dry, please sprinkle some baby powder over it to avoid stains.

1. For silicone sex dolls, don’t use any care products containing mineral oil such as baby oil, vaseline, Nivea creme, etc., as they may harden the silicone.
2. Please make sure to put your silicone love doll out of direct sunlight.
3. It is best not to place the silicone and TPE dolls close to each other.
































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