Five Do’s And Don’ts For Sex Doll Owner Before Using The Doll

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Five Important Notes for Sex Doll Owner

Sex dolls are an expensive investment for every owner, and that’s why we advise our customers to double-check that the doll is in good condition and has all the accessories after receiving it.

If your sex doll has any defects, be sure to notify the dealer from whom you purchased the doll within 24 hours of your receipt.

Here are five do’s and don’ts for sex doll owner before using the doll:

1. The movement range of the lifelike love doll is limited, so you can’t forcibly pull or move its limbs. It is normal for newborn sex dolls to behave stiffly, but after a period of use, they gradually become natural.

2. It is not recommended to continuously switch the love doll’s postures. Please restore the doll to its original position before the second pose. Improper operation may cause loose or dislocation of the sex doll’s skeleton.

3. Don’t keep realistic sex doll‘s breasts and standing feet under prolonged pressure.

4. To get the doll to stand, you need to follow these steps: the soles of the feet must be completely on the flat and soft ground; Otherwise, the soles of the feet may be easily damaged or punctured. Ensure that the adult doll’s center of gravity is evenly distributed or supported to avoid irreversible damage caused by weightlessness.

5. The tear resistance of high-end silicone dolls is quite well, but it still needs to be treated with care during use, especially when touching the edges of the corners of the eyes, three holes, etc., too rough or too much force may cause the silicon skin to tear.



















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