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It is an accepted fact that genuine, high-end sex dolls are never cheap. If the price of a sex doll is too good to be true, it’s definitely a poor-quality love doll, and you should be prepared to be tricked. Of course, each of us wants to get our money’s worth. This blog will explain something about low-quality sex dolls to help you identify them and avoid being cheated on.

1. Poor-quality sex dolls are made of inferior materials.
The most obvious and useful hint is the type of material used to produce the doll. There are only two types of premium material that the sex doll manufacturers put to use, namely, TPE and Silicone. They’re different from each other and have their own superiority. Dolls made of these two materials not only look realistic, but feel extremely real, smooth, and soft like real people. Low-quality sex dolls made of low-tier materials often lack a smooth and soft texture. They are very fragile and easily affected by the smallest scratches.

2. Low-quality sex dolls are prone to allergies or adverse reactions!
TPE or silicone sex dolls are safe for everyone because they don’t contain any hazardous chemicals that may result in any allergic reactions. You can feel free to kiss your sex doll and hug her. High-end dolls won’t be damaged by the lubricants or standard cleaning agents you use, unless you apply non-standard items on your doll. However, this cannot be said for low-level sex dolls, because they can do almost nothing about allergies and reactions.

You can never wash away the bad smell of inferior sex dolls.
When the doll is made, there will be a smell of the material itself. But after a period of ventilation or washing, the smell will dissipate. Simply put, standard-issued TPE or silicone sex dolls don’t emit any disgusting smell. And they only smell bad when you are too lazy to clean the doll. In low-quality sex dolls, the whole thing is reversed. They give off an odor that may suit your sense of smell, which is an obvious drawback to low-grade materials. Even worse, no matter how many times you clean the doll or how efficiently you use it, the odor won’t go away and will always be there.

3. Low-quality dolls usually come from inexperienced doll makers.
Top-quality adult dolls must be produced by a professional manufacturing team. You can’t expect a perfect love doll from a sex doll maker without professional knowledge and skills. Please note that this is not to say that every new entrant in the doll industry is an inexperienced manufacturer. There are many excellent new doll manufacturers that provide us with excellent dolls. So how do we know if the doll manufacturer is well-experienced and professional? Very simple. All you need to do is look up reviews and ratings of the manufacturer online before you buy, and then choose the sex supplier you trust to buy.

4. You get what you pay for.
You can’t buy a brand new full-body sex doll for only $800. Some online stores steal pictures from authentic dolls’ websites and then lure consumers with incredibly cheap prices. Please do not succumb to this temptation, as you will definitely get a low-quality doll. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Make sure you get your money’s worth. Normally, doll suppliers will offer special offers in some promotional activities, which provides you with a good opportunity to buy good dolls at a low price. Don’t miss it!



















































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