Sex Doll Video: What is the hygiene status of the rented sex doll?

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Sex Doll Video: How sanitary are rented sex dolls?

Sex doll rentals raise questions about safety and sanitation. Calgary’s Natrl Dolls says it’s a common concern for potential customers. One of the company’s co-owners explains how they handle the issue. (CBC News agreed not to identify him because he fears repercussions at his other job)

you provide door-to-door service people

have absolutely nothing to worry about

all of our documentation and payment

process is completely confidential this

part of the process is when we’re

dropping off the doll we follow any

special instructions that our clients

leave so if they say can you bring the

doll inside set it up downstairs just

tell me when you leave so that’s exactly

what we’re doing right now we’re just

setting it up for a client making her

look as pretty as she is and then our

client comes downstairs and then you get

to live out their fantasy final touch is

protection for the doll and of course

for our client we provide everything you

might need everyone’s first question is

how are they cleaned and we always tell

them do you do that to yourself in the

shower these dolls are much cleaner than

any person we disassembled the doll you

will use high pressure and hot water

antibacterial medical grade soap and

hydrogen peroxide make sure we get in

every possible area later in the

cleaning process what we’ll do is we’ll

go over with a blacklight to make sure

we didn’t miss anything and then we’ll

go over it with a UVC light to eliminate

any micro bacteria they all have their

own individual personalities it gets to

that customers more of a backstory to

think of when they rent right ones from

Russia one is a college student one is

out of the military they feel exactly

like human skin they feel very very soft

they do absorb heat and they’re great

for cuddling with keeping you warm and

of course the great companionship we

reach the demographic from men women

anywhere from 21 years old to 65 years

old we have clients with disabilities

people that are slightly depressed and

they just need to pick me up

of course the dolls are great it gives

you someone to come home to someone to

talk to someone to listen but there is

also of course the standard use that

everybody would expect

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