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How to shop for love dolls online (site requests as well)

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hey guys

it’s like here no

like i said i’m going to keep on making

loved off videos

it’s okay but if you didn’t already know

everything that you needed to know you

probably will now

well and of course some of you’re

probably going to be clicking on this

video for

psych recommendations i know

but first off i want to say that i was

actually wrong about the rasm sites

that i talked about recently in one of

my videos they actually didn’t have

contact information

it was at that it was just at the bottom

of the page at the front side

actually so you know like i said

we’re all wrong about something

sometimes but otherwise

i’m pretty much i’m correct about what i

stated otherwise

so the rest of what i said was correct

just that one little detail that that

place didn’t have any contact


i would otherwise recommend other sites

over that site

just so you know but anyway moving on

so this site in particular i was reading

basically said this in a way that

i probably couldn’t say any better


and says okay so where do i buy a sex


and it says with the rise in sex adult


lots of new chinese factories and

stories and stores have opened up

recently selling

imitation or kind of adults it’s harder

to find a legit sex doll star than ever


counterfeiters will take photos

from top brands such as wmdoll and use


as their own especially wm doll i think

that’s why they do it the most

actually cheap invitation dolls

won’t look the same as the photo that’s

when you

actually get the doll they won’t look

very much the same

they will also be inferior and quality

i don’t remem recommend cheaping out

when it comes to a sex doll

sex dolls are not just for sex but also

for love

companionship cuddling photographic


and so much more you want something that

looks good

feels good and lasts for years

that’s why it’s important to buy an

authentic doll from the original


and designers and now

um of course actually

several occasions have stated that many

many times

i recently have been seeing way too many


that are going towards these cheaper

loved all sites

and don’t get me wrong the prices are


but let me tell you something man the


dolls themselves are just not good

quality they

aren’t going to last you they are going

to fall apart

i mean yeah there’s maybe some knockoff

like versions of dolls that i sometimes

have seen

are decent quality

you know and if you get like a knockoff

doll that’s

you know of decent quality well good for


but you know try to kind of stay

in that standard range of pay

now some people have also lately been

talking about

well these love dolls that are knocked

off by their sold at regular prices

well that tends to not really be the

case usually

lots of times when you go to a scam


they will have a picture of a love doll

let’s say

a w m doll i guess i’ll say

so let’s say this doll you’re looking at

looks like

you know they took a picture of david m


and it cost like let’s say

150 dollars so you’re like hey cool

that’s a really cheap price right

so you get this doll right and then a

month later

to two weeks later it comes in the mail

and then you get

a blow up doll now that is what a scam

site is

in fact that actually happened me once

like almost a decade ago when i first

started looking at the love dolls

and getting them so

just keep that in mind that that’s what

a scam site is do not

try again like i said in my recent video

do not try to judge

a campsite buys prices although if it is


i said a little bit low like 300

or less you might want to be a bit


of that price tag

because the loss i’ve ever seen even for

a knockoff tpe doll is about four

hundred dollars

and they shouldn’t be over i would say

three three to four thousand

four thousand definitely top probably

not even that

anyway so here are some recommended


or should i i’ll show you actually i’ll

show you the scam sites first

so there is luza shapooza

alibaba aliexpress

amazon and ebay now of course

amazon and ebay aren’t necessarily scam

sites i mean

they do generally give you what he wants


love dolls on amazon that’s the one

thing that i would never

ever there’s a list there

that’s the one one of the few things i

would never buy on amazon

is because you know on amazon

these high-end love doll sites

they never work with these sites that i

have just noted

like aliexpress alibaba and ebay

these high-end level sites do not work

with these sites

so if you think that you’re getting a wm


off of amazon well think again

it’s probably just a knockoff none of

these high-end local sites

work with these sites so when it comes

to love dolls

just stick to the sites themselves

and here’s some recommended sites here

i’ll just give you a quick look now you


also see these in the description

i’m just giving you guys a good look you

can pause it if you want

so out of all of the sites that i have

on my list

these are basically the sites that i

would recommend the most

are the ones i just showed you now

there’s more

level sites i have recommended in the

description as well

so after you’re done watching this video

or if this is the only reason why you’re

watching this video on chris

first place is just recommendation sites

they’re in the description below

now there’s some other things that you

might want to look at

when it comes to dog care items now

that’s another thing that you

are going to have to think about when it

comes to getting a love doll

and yes you do have to care for these


i mean you basically have to spoil these

things especially if it’s a tpe doll

you have to spell the [ __ ] thing it’s

like a tbe

doll sometimes almost feels like it’s

almost as needy as a real woman

well maybe not that needy but i think

you get the point

but here’s some items that you’re more

likely going to need just in general

especially for tv dolls

and oh yeah

and this is if it’s your first time

getting a loft ball by the way

i wouldn’t go too expensive when getting

a love doll

if it’s your first time getting a love


i would either get one a fabric love


which is fairly cheap and they’re easy

very easy to maintain

or two maybe get a tpe doll

if you can maybe find a and there are

cases of this

if you can get a silicone doll which is

about i’d say at least 2

300 if you get a cheaper version of

a silicone ball like that i’ll go for

that don’t go real

high-end the first time you’re looking

for a love doll

because you might make the mistake of

getting this doll

and then three months later you just get

bored of it

and you just let’s say i mean let’s say

you got a doll from real doll

and you got tired of that doll for

after three months well you just spent

like five to six thousand dollars

on a love doll that you just barely even


now you’re bored of it now she’s sitting

there collecting dust

and it’s basically just five thousand

dollars down to drain

basically so if you’re looking for

a love doll in your your first time

especially just don’t go real expensive

the first time

but here’s some items that you’re going

to need now if it’s also

your first time get the deluxe care kits

with the level that you’re purchasing

always get the care kit

if it’s your first time

you know buying them on on the sides

always get the deluxe car kit but if for

any reason

you’ve already gotten the deluxe care

kit with the type of doll

or site that you’ve gone from before

here’s some other things that you might

need cleaning irrigator

dry stick flash and nail glue

renewal powder tpe repair solvents

tpe skin test piece tpe stain remover

safe makeup remover that works with the


and warming wand

so there is that

so yeah in a nutshell that is basically

how you look for love dolls

over the internet now of course you guys

have any more questions about that or

just love dolls in general just leave in

the comments below

and yes i have actually looked into

pretty much all i have looked into every

one of these sites

i have finally been able to make some

time to start looking

into these leftover sites again

you know just like i didn’t really have

the time to really take a look at that

ransom site a week ago

but you know [ __ ] happens i have the

time now thankfully

so with that being said i’ll see you

guys in the next video


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