Mini Sex Doll Story: I kept kissing her like I would kissing any other lady.

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I said, “No need to pay anything. Send her in. I will make the birthday lady wet like crazy.” Anita came inside, and she was pretty shy in the beginning. She had just hit her 40s, and she was this big heavy woman who had a good amount of flesh in all her body parts.

I went close to her, shook her hand, and said happy birthday. I then went behind her and just whispered in her ears, “Hey did you like the way I stripped and danced for you? I am going to strip more for you now, special lady.”

I pushed her to the bed and started taking off my clothes. By the time I could take off my clothes, she was all on me. We both started kissing wild, and soon I was smooching her. Our lips were playing. Our mouth was inside each other, and we could not stop them for a bit.

I kept kissing her like I would kissing any other lady. Passionate enough to go more horny, wild enough to start moaning. I started licking her neck and kept licking her. I moved to her chest, took her clothes off, put my hand inside her bra, and started squeezing those 36d huge tits.

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