Mini Sex Doll Story: Then came the moment I stripped myself for these 5 ladies.


She is a Mini Sex Doll

Wonderful Paragraph:

Then came the moment I stripped myself for these 5 ladies. They were drunk as hell and wanted to misuse every inch of mine. I waved my body across each of them. I was moving my hips from their legs to their chest in a wave. They would want to grab me, but they couldn’t because I would withdraw myself.






















I kept dancing, shaking my body, booty, and everything. Their nerves get aroused and could excite them so much that they can’t control themselves. I did it for almost 20 minutes with each pair of underwear. I could hear the ladies laugh when I would go inside to change and wear new underwear.

Trust me. These weren’t normal underwear. I had ordered them, and you could feel horny seeing me when I wore them. The tiny underwear with just a string, that little underwear which would cover my dick.

I kept doing this until the party was over. I could see the women enjoying every bit of it, especially Anita. She was surprised and was extremely happy. Devika comes in, like, “Hey, do you mind taking on Anita? She is so turned on. She wants you. Do you mind? If you want, she can pay you as well.”

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