Mini Sex Doll Story: I finger fucked her for almost 30 minutes.

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She is a Mini Sex Doll

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Moments later, I went down on her navel, licking her navel and her pelvic region. Then asked her to spread her legs so that I could lick her inner thighs because inner thighs are always my favorite. I then used my teeth to pull her panty down. Then I started licking her pussy like a passionate lover.

Since it hadn’t been used for a long time, she was still tight. So after licking her for almost 40 minutes, I fingered her pussy. My fingering aroused her even more, and now she started moaning. Her moans started getting wilder and hornier.

Now I inserted 2 of my fingers inside so that she could easily take my 7-inch dick inside her. I finger fucked her for almost 30 minutes. Then she started moaning, “Fuck me now, baby.”

I then took my dick, placed it on her clitoris and rubbed it. She tried to move so that it could go inside. Suddenly she got up and took my dick in her mouth, and likewise, I gave it to her in my mouth. She kept sucking my dick like a pro, just like I wanted.

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