How To Store Your Sex Doll? Hang Your Sex Doll Up

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Recommended Sex Doll Storage: Hang Your Sex Doll Up
Many sex doll owners have reported that the buttocks of full-size TPE sex dolls will deform when stored flat for a long time, so we advise our customers not to lay their love dolls flat, but to hang them with hooks for storage.

1. Hanging your doll up won’t deform her sexy buttocks as compared to lying flat or sitting down.
2. Hanging dolls take up less storage space.
3. It is more convenient and easier to do regular maintenance for your doll, such as cleaning or applying talcum powder.
4. More privacy protection. Hang your doll in a closet and lock it up! Don’t worry! Most people won’t ask you what’s in this closet.

To keep your doll in a good shape for the long term, add a sex doll hook or hanging rack(which allows you to move the doll easily) to your order! (Some sex doll brands provide FREE hooks, so please consult us here if you need them.)

Hanging rack makes it easy to move your doll around. You can find these 2 accessories on every product page easily.

Note: The silicone sex doll’s buttocks will also be squashed when laid flat, but it will recover after being hung up for a while. However, this is not the case with TPE love dolls.












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