Can sex dolls wear high heels?

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Can sex dolls wear high heels?

Many sex doll owners would ask if sex dolls can wear high heels. The answer is yes. Realistic love dolls can wear any type of shoe, including flats and even high heels. However, you should be aware of the fact that even love dolls with standing feet function cannot stand in high heels.


Wearing high heels while standing will cause uneven pressure on the soles of the doll’s feet, pulling all the weight onto the toes, which will eventually cause the toes to be crushed and deformed. Therefore, we recommend that you have your love doll in heels when she is sitting or lying down.


1. Don’t leave your love doll in high heels for too long as this will crease the feet and ankles.
2. Please sprinkle baby powder on the feet, if the doll’s toes stick together after taking off the shoes.
3. Pointed-toed shoes are not recommended as they can squeeze the doll’s toes together and easily deform the feet.
4. Stockings and baby powder help shoes slip on and off more easily.



































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