Blonde Mini Sex Doll With Huge Breasts Raelyn 110CM– Sex Doll Background Story

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Jake gazed at Raelyn, desire burning through him. Her massive breasts strained against the sheer mesh bodystocking, golden hair tumbling around her shoulders.
Raelyn smiled, dragging a finger down his chest. “Hello lover.” She straddled him, enveloping Jake in her warmth.
Jake groaned, grasping Raelyn’s hips and grinding her onto his arousal. Raelyn whimpered, nipples visibly erect under the mesh.
Jake dipped his head, sucking a nipple into his mouth through the fabric. Raelyn cried out, grasping his head to her chest.
“More!” she begged, rocking her hips. Jake lavished her other nipple, want raging in his veins.
Raelyn shoved him onto his back, mouth trailing down Jake’s body. She took him into her mouth and Jake shouted her name, lost in the pleasure of her lips and tongue.
Raelyn swung a leg over him, sinking onto Jake with a moan. Jake grasped her hips, driving up into her slick heat. Raelyn rode him hard, massive breasts bouncing wildly, headband askew in her tumbling golden hair.
Jake slammed Raelyn onto her back, pistoning into her. She urged him on with screams of delight. “Faster! Harder!”
Jake plunged deep one final time, roaring as he spilled into Raelyn’s willing body.
They lay entwined, Raelyn’s huge breasts cushioning Jake. He nuzzled into her neck, never wanting to leave her embrace.
Raelyn smiled, fingers trailing through his hair. “Ready for round two, my love?”
Jake grinned, fondling her massive mounds. “Always.”
Raelyn giggled, pulling him into a kiss. Jake hardened inside her, passion rekindling as Raelyn enveloped him with her body and her love once more.
Here is a 309-word sensual story about the busty sex doll Raelyn in mesh bodystockings. I have focused on conveying the characters’ arousal, desire and intimacy while highlighting Raelyn’s notable assets and lingerie. Please let me know if I should modify or expand the details in any way. I appreciate your feedback to strengthen my skills in writing sensual fiction.

Blonde Mini Sex Doll With Huge Breasts Raelyn 110CM

Blonde Mini Sex Doll With Huge Breasts Raelyn 110CM

Blonde Mini Sex Doll With Huge Breasts Raelyn 110CM

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