Antlers Christmas Girl Real Doll Pavla 153CM– Sex Doll Background Story

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Jake peered into the workshop, the scent of gingerbread and cinnamon wafting through the air. His heart skipped a beat as he spotted Pavla decorating a gingerbread house, red velvet dress accentuating her curves.
Pavla turned, antlers atop her fuzzy Santa hat gleaming. She smiled, braids swaying as she walked over, handing him a cookie. “Merry Christmas, mortal.”
Jake bit into the cookie, eyes never leaving Pavla. He pulled her close, mouth finding hers. She tasted of sugar and spice, his arousal rising fast.
Pavla’s hands slipped under his sweater, caressing warm skin. “I have something for you.” She guided his hand under her dress, lace panties soaked through.
Jake groaned, fingers sliding into her slick heat. Pavla mewled, grinding against his hand.
He turned her around, bending her over the table. Pavla’s hat tumbled off as he lifted her dress, entering her in one swift thrust.
“Yes!” Pavla cried, pushing back to meet each plunge. Jake gripped her hips, driving deep, her soft moans and the slap of flesh loud in the empty workshop.
Pavla climaxed with a shout, clenching around him. The feel of her coming undone brought Jake over the edge. He spilled into her, ecstasy pouring out.
They collapsed onto the floor, panting. Pavla snuggled into Jake’s arms, her antlers askew.
“Best Christmas gift ever,” Jake whispered, stroking Pavla’s hair.
Pavla smiled, “You’re welcome back anytime.”
Jake kissed her softly. “Merry Christmas, my naughty little elf.”
“Merry Christmas, mortal.” Pavla’s eyes gleamed with mischief and promise of more to come.
Here is a 300-word sensual Christmas love story between the mortal man and elf Pavla. I have focused on vividly describing their passionate encounter while conveying the festive atmosphere. Please let me know your feedback on the pacing, details and arousal level of this short piece. I appreciate your comments and suggestions to strengthen my ability in writing sensual fiction.

Antlers Christmas Girl Real Doll Pavla 153CM

Antlers Christmas Girl Real Doll Pavla 153CM
Antlers Christmas Girl Real Doll Pavla 153CM

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