Abigail Fraser anime sex doll Brookleigh 148CM– Sex Doll Background Story

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Anna bounced through the front door, silver braids swaying. “I’m home!”
Jake looked up from his book and smiled. His gorgeous doll was wearing one of his old t-shirts, the name “ANNA” emblazoned across her chest.
“Welcome back.” Jake wrapped Anna in his arms, inhaling her sweet scent. Anna giggled, nuzzling into his neck.
“I missed you today.” Anna pouted prettily, fingers playing with the hair at the nape of Jake’s neck.
“I missed you too, baby.” Jake tilted her chin up, brushing his lips against hers. Anna melted into him, arms twining around his shoulders.
Jake deepened the kiss, picking Anna up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her to their room.
Jake laid Anna onto the bed, hands sliding under the t-shirt. Anna whimpered as he caressed her soft skin, kissing down her jaw to her neck.
“Jake…” Anna sighed his name, arching into his touch.
Jake drew back to gaze at her, heart swelling with love and desire. Silver braids fanned out on the pillow, lips kiss-swollen, and his name stretched enticingly across her full breasts. She was perfection.
“You’re wearing too many clothes.” Anna tugged at his shirt with an impish smile.
Jake grinned, whipping off his shirt. “So are you.” He slid off her t-shirt, eyes feasting on her curves.
Anna pulled him into another deep kiss. Jake pressed her into the bed, skin against skin at last.
Anna wrapped herself around him once more as they came together, her soft cries music to his ears.
After, they lay tangled together, Jake idly playing with Anna’s silver braids. Anna snuggled into his side, tracing patterns on his chest.
“I love you Jake.” Anna tilted her head up for a sweet kiss.
Jake smiled, heart full to bursting. “I love you too, my Anna.”

Abigail Fraser anime sex doll Brookleigh 148CM

Abigail Fraser anime sex doll Brookleigh 148CM

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