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As a man, you know what rejection feels like. You know how much it sucks to be in relationship with someone and have them turn you down time and time again for sex. And if you’ve tried to date at all, you know how much it sucks to be denied by a woman when you try to ask her out, much less trying to get her to go to bed with you. Don’t you hate that rejection? Doesn’t it just pain you?

Well, when you buy sex doll products from, you will never be rejected for sex again. Your sex doll is always in the mood to be with you. She is never going to have a headache. She is never going to turn you down. She will never look at you and decide that she has something better to do, that she feels fat right now, that she’s just not in the mood, or that she’s mad at you and therefore withholding her affections. All guys, even guys who are more or less happy with the relationships they find themselves in, have felt what it’s like to have their sexual advances rejected. Especially in long-term relationships, women start acting like it’s a chore or like they’re doing you a favor when you want to be intimate with them.

They start coming up with excuses for why they don’t want to have sex. They put you off, reject you, or otherwise tell you no when you let them know that you are “in the mood.” Worse, they play the relationship guilt game, telling you that they don’t like it when you “pressure” them for intimate contact. The result is that you feel like the kind of jerk who pressures his woman to have sex. You’re left feeling like you did something wrong, like it was unreasonable for you to want sex from your woman and to be disappointed when she said no (especially when she has repeatedly said no over a period of time). A terrible thing happens when a man is rejected in a relationship. Men can be incredibly strong, but they tend also to be vulnerable when it comes to the women in their lives. The average man who is tough as nails may become a complete teddy bear when he’s with his lady, whom he loves with all his heart.

While men are notoriously slow to open up, once they do open up, they tend to do so with pretty reckless abandon. As such, nobody has the power to toy with a man’s moods, or make him happy, or make him sad, or otherwise alter how he looks at the world immediately and powerfully, the way his woman does. He trusts her and he shares his innermost thoughts with her. Sometimes he shares his desires with her, and his innermost fantasies. When this happens he must make the conscious decision to go out on a limb, emotionally, to tell his woman something he thinks that would make him very upset if anyone were to criticize him or make fun of him for it. Every time a man discusses his inner thoughts with his lady, he is inviting her to do two things. He is inviting her to share his thoughts, and he is giving her the opportunity to crush him. This opportunity is implied more than it is explicit, but both parties know it’s there.

That’s an incredible act of trust and faith in a partner. Now imagine that the woman says no, or even worse, makes fun of what he says, what he offers, or what he shares. It won’t be long before that man clams up and stops sharing altogether. You don’t have to burn a man too many times before he starts closing himself off to being hurt again. Almost as bad as breach of trust and the lack of faith that it creates are the problems created by patterns of rejection. If a woman gets it into her had that sex with her husband or boyfriend is some kind of chore, and every time he tries to initiate being romantic with her, she brushes him off, he’s soon going to start to take it personally. He’s going to wonder if he’s inadequate or otherwise bad in bed.

Very little goes straight to the heart of a man’s insecurities quite like being afraid that he’s a bad lover. For all that the average man gets a bad rap as a selfish or hurried lover, in some ways, he is generally of the opinion that a woman who has been pleased sexually is a woman who is more likely to sleep with him in the future. He will, therefore, do his best to please her and bring her pleasure. And if he gets the hint that she doesn’t want to be with him, and interprets that as rejection, he’s going to be hurt. He’s going to see that as a rejection of him. He’s going to worry that his woman doesn’t want to be with him and that she’s not into him. Each and every time the rejection occurs, the cumulative pattern will be, in his mind, even that much more terrible.

If this type of pattern of rejection persists in a relationship, it eventually starts to beat the man down. Now, instead of initiating sex, he just doesn’t bother, because he knows she won’t be interested. Given that most women don’t initiate sex, chances are good that the couple’s sex life is going to go rapidly downhill. Eventually, he’s going to start looking around for some action on the side. This is one of the primary reasons that men cheat. Men express their need for intimacy in physical ways and, denied that by their partner, they’ll start looking for an alternative. Your girl could be a very viable means of supplementing your sex life with a partner who is unable or unwilling to be close to you as often as you like… and many couples, more than you might realize, have purchased one of our affordable sex dolls for this reason. (It’s a lot easier to sell your partner on the idea when you’re asking to spend only a few hundred dollars as compared to several thousand, too!)

But if you’ve decided your relationship simply isn’t for you, your girl is a way out for you, giving you access to physical intimacy even when you aren’t currently with someone. Never worry about being alone again! Never be rejected or denied intimacy. Your sex doll never says no. She is always there for you in a way that you will find comforting, reassuring, and consistent. In this way, you can always have someone to come home to, no matter what. Think about how your confidence will skyrocket when nobody is yelling at you, belittling you, or putting you down. Think about the power you will have when you are no longer “thirsty” for sex, when you can walk among the hottest girls and not feel that straining, desperate need to bed them… because you have your own smoking hot little number at home in your bed.

Wanting companionship and an end to loneliness isn’t the only reason to buy sex doll products from The gratification of your sexual desires is another big part of it. Together they combine to make our sex dolls very powerful consumer products that can conceivably change your life. We want to stress that buying a sex doll does not make you some kind of sex fiend who can’t take no for an answer. We’ve seen the behaviors borne out in study after study. Guys like the women they are with and want to please them. Most of them would trade any number of different prizes or sets of circumstances just for the ability to know what it is their partner needed to make her happy. Unfortunately, while very brief books can be written on the care and feeding of the male in a relationship, writing a relationship book on what it takes to keep a woman happy would probably quite impossible.

That’s because what the average woman wants changes on any given day and may change from hour to hour. The typical woman also offers something inconsistent from visit to visit. She is literally impossible to figure out, and any attempt to try is doomed to failure. In that environment, are you comfortable making the attempt? Will you try to read her mind? Can you provide for her what you think she likes? What if you end up making yourself miserable? Are you ready to walk off into that abyss? Or would you like to avoid all of that, all of the potential problems, and most of all the pattern of rejection? How much would your confidence skyrocket upward if you knew that every time you wanted to have sex, no matter when it was, no matter how many times you wanted to do it, that your partner would agree immediately? How good would it make you feel if your partner was into everything you were into, in the same way that you were into it, always on the same page and always ready to please you? This is the type of eager, cooperative reception you get with one of our sex dolls.

This is the standard to which you can aspire. This is the far better alternative to dealing with real women, their real baggage, their real drama, and their real red tape. This is the reason our sex dolls are so much better than every other form of female entertainment. Don’t waste any more of your precious time. Buy your sex doll today and let us get the shipping info rolling. The sooner you start, the sooner that discreetly packaged real doll type silicone sex doll or lifelike sex doll of Silkoskin? will arrive. You will not be able to wait once you set your eyes on her. You will have to have her. You will want her more than anything. And the good news is that, yes, you can have her.

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