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Another reason that Mini Sex Dolls are very helpful to all kinds of men in many walks of life is that they represent a completely healthy and safe way to have sexual intercourse without fear of pregnancy or disease. Now, part of this should be obvious to you: Unlike with a real woman, a silicone Mini Sex Doll or Silkoskin™ realistic love doll cannot give you a disease. It is yours and yours alone. Your Mini Sex Doll is a virgin when she arrives at your door and she will be completely faithful to you for as long as you own her and want her. That’s important… because out there in the dating world, there are a lot of women who do have diseases, some of which can’t be cured. There is herpes, which is much more common than any of us would like. There are antibiotic resistant strains of various diseases that used to be relatively easily cured with antibiotics. There are also more serious diseases, some of which are as good as a death sentence. All of that is terrifying… and more terrifying is the fact that many women don’t feel the need to inform you of their STD status. They may just let you take your chances and play Russian roulette with your penis.

You don’t want or need to deal with any of that. Buying a Mini Sex Doll means you can have as much sex as you like with your beautiful, sexy, perfectly toned, tight, and taut little sex bomb of a girl… and you never have to worry about catching anything. Your real doll type silicone Mini Sex Doll bought through us, your Silkoskin™ realistic love doll, represent the pinnacle of what you can get when you buy Mini Sex Doll models that are the best possible intersection of value and features. You don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get a high-quality, highly detailed, fully functional synthetic Mini Sex Doll with which you can simulate sexual intercourse. For years, this has been the dream of male consumers who buy Mini Sex Doll products: to find an affordable alternative to the real doll type silicone Mini Sex Dolls that until recently dominated the market. For years, those men had only one choice, and that was to go bankrupt getting their Mini Sex Dolls (unless they opted not to buy anything at all). But now, with, you have a much better option.

There’s another side to buying Mini Sex Dolls that isn’t talked about frequently, though, and it still has to do with sexually transmitted diseases. Specifically, there are men who have sexually transmitted diseases who otherwise lead productive, normal lives. Diseases like herpes or genital warts are unpleasant, but they are not typically what we think of as life threatening. Yet having such a disease really limits a man’s options for sex with real women… and also makes it difficult for him to disclose his sexual history without risking the stigma of being associated with the disease. Then, too, there are men who do not want anyone else to suffer as they have suffered, so they do not want to risk exposing anyone to the diseases they have been exposed to. This is a completely understandable attitude… but these men still want and need sex and physical intimacy in their lives.

One solution is a high-quality Mini Sex Doll. When you have a disease that cannot be cured, you can have sex with your Mini Sex Doll, even unprotected sex, and never worry about exposing another person. This allows you to have completely safe sex and yet never use a condom if you do not wish to. (Condoms are a great way to speed up cleanup of your Mini Sex Doll, but strictly speaking, they are unnecessary for the experience itself.) So if you do need to have safe sex and you don’t want to expose anyone else to something you consider a risk factor, buying one of our incredible Silkoskin™ Mini Sex Dolls or silicone Mini Sex Dolls is one great way to achieve the safety, pleasure, and intimacy you want and need.

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