“Sex Doll Experience Hall” Has Become A Popular Business Adventure In China

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Since the launch of the Mini Mini Sex Doll Experience Center, the new format concept of erotic adult products has become popular in many cities in China, including Shanghai, Suzhou, Hefei, Shenzhen, and Dongguan. People can experience Mini Mini Sex Dolls by paying related fees.

A shopkeeper in Shanghai said that their Mini Mini Sex Doll rental hall has different styles of Mini Mini Sex Dolls: BBW, anime, celebrities, large breasts, big ass Mini Mini Sex Dolls, etc. There are many consulting customers every day, and the business can still maintain the store. In daily operations, the staff in the store said that customers who come to the store will first provide some snacks and drinks.

These stores first appeared in urban villages or remote residential areas without obvious signs outside, and they can be found on a “Meituan” and “Dianping” APP. However, some stores were no longer searchable on mobile phones some time ago, which means that they may no longer be open. This may be due to the increase in media reports.

It is worth noting that some Mini Mini Sex Doll experience shops do not have business licenses issued by relevant departments, and some have been found to have medical care or foot massage business licenses. More importantly, the sanitary conditions of most Mini Mini Sex Doll experience halls are far from qualified, and shopkeepers have limited willingness to verify the identity of customers, which may lead to minors entering, but it is not clear whether this mode should be considered illegal.

Peng Xiaohui, a sexologist at Central China Normal University, believes that these Mini Mini Sex Doll companies play an active role in promoting economic development, employment, social stability, and promoting sex education. Therefore, he hopes that these companies can develop on a large scale.

“It will not cause harm to others or public property, meet people’s normal needs, and even help prevent sexual crimes.” Bachelors and married couples who live alone, as well as certain disabled persons who cannot form long-term relationships, can spend a period of time. Treat the Mini Mini Sex Doll as a fixed couple within time. “He said.

He suggested that relevant departments should issue licenses to operators and formulate relevant regulations to prevent illegal activities. Ideally, every Mini Mini Sex Doll experience should have professionals teach people the correct understanding of Mini Mini Sex Dolls, and minors should be strictly prohibited from contacting them.

At present, the market supervision department has not announced any clear regulations to prohibit such services. However, some people believe that if there is no threat to ethics or legal values, and good hygiene and privacy protection can be ensured, there is no need to conduct a legal assessment of these companies.

Experts believe: This is a recognition of human nature. The government should formulate some rules to allow related adult product companies to develop in a reasonable way, rather than excessively intervening.

The public is divided on the provision of such services. Some people believe that this violates public order and morality, while others believe that ordinary people should allow such enterprises to develop because they can meet the requirements of some people and the enterprise will not harm actual people.

Some netizens expressed concern about the lack of sanitation facilities in Mini Mini Sex Doll rental shops and the subsequent intensification of social ethics discussions. They believe that if these stores can maintain a good sanitation and disinfection process, this may be a good way to reduce criminal behavior, as long as the operation method is legal, this will be a positive business risk.

Many netizens suggest that the authorities should not consider a total ban, but should provide guidance on how businesses can operate in a legal manner under proper health guidance and supervision.

One netizen commented: “We can’t completely ban it, we need to recognize people’s normal physiological needs.” https://www.hiasu.com/sex-doll-experience-hall-has-become-a-popular-business-adventure-in-china/

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