Safety Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Mini Sex Doll

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A Mini Sex Doll is the most possession of a doll owner, there is no denying that. This means that taking good care of your love doll is certainly going to be your top priority. Now, here is the thing; we don’t doubt that your doll partner is submerged by your care but there are still some areas that might have missed your eye. For instance, the way your carry around your doll or the manner in which you keep her stored can affect the overall safety of the Mini Sex Doll (oops, spoilers).

Here and today, we will share some safety tips that will help you avoid damaging your Mini Sex Doll. These proposed tips point towards some of the vital areas pertaining to your Mini Sex Doll that require your attention.


Why should I use a wheelchair to move my doll? That would make my doll look like a patient recently discharged from a medical ward. Yeah, we know you might be thinking something along those lines but we say you hear us out first. Mini Sex Dolls aren’t featherweight beings that you can hold without straining your arms. A Mini Sex Doll can weigh more than 60 kgs. Just imagining that makes our arms hurt. True, there are some lightweight dolls as well but even they too carry considerable weight with them.

So, it is way safer for your doll (and for you) that you move your doll lover in a wheelchair or any other portable ride with wheels. Remember, wheels are the keyword here. This will diminish, if not completely eradicate the chances for mishaps when you move around your doll.


Unlike us humans, the dolls don’t have the luxury to lie face down. We have gravity to blame here. You see, when a doll lies face down, the whole pressure and weight of her body move on her breasts, knees, and face. Again, like us, Mini Sex Dolls don’t have living muscles and tissues to protect them and their silicone/TPE body can only handle that much. Long story short, keeping the doll face down will eventually damage her. We have a feeling that we just taught you a bit of human anatomy while talking about dolls. Just a feeling.

The easy solution here is to lay your dolls on their back. Our advice is that you store your doll in a manner that does not require her to lie face down. While it may seem like a simple tip, a lot of doll owners have damaged their dolls by not following this apparently simple tip. So, just follow the easy solution.


This one stays true for both humans and dolls but our reasoning will stay in context to Mini Sex Dolls. You must understand that love dolls are somewhat delicate and so, any awkward or difficult posture setting can damage their body structure.

In simple terms, try not to teach yoga to your doll. It doesn’t mean that you should cut down on your sexual positions and stuff. Just bear in mind that none of those “positions” should be too complex. Okay, try refraining from putting your doll in awkward positions. Apparently, we can’t resist throwing position puns. Just as we mentioned before, Mini Sex Doll body is not designed to handle extreme amounts of pressure, and exposing them to such can and will damage their body.

The correct posture for your doll is regular sitting or standing positions. The idea is to keep your doll in a relaxed and easy posture. This will keep your doll from getting in harm’s way and save you the trouble.


The unpacking is where most accidents happen. Almost always, the doll owners get too excited when they meet their doll partner for the first time. In this excitement, they disregard every safety protocol and get their doll injured. We would say that you contain this excitement for a bit and unpack your doll with a serene mind. Yes, we are giving a free philosophy class here. Coming back to the point, you might want to be more careful around your newly-arrived doll.

First off, it’s bad manners and a bad idea to simply rip apart the box. If you don’t need the box, use some box cutters and gently cut the box and take the doll out, with extreme care. However, it is recommended that you keep the box intact as it can serve as a fine storage spot for your doll. Also, you might find your doll a bit stiff as she is fairly new to the world. So, if she behaves a bit uptight, don’t force the matter. Just give her a few days and she will ease up to you. What? Told you we can’t resist puns.


Coming down to the final thought of the day and then we wrap up the morning assembly. We all know that dolls can stretch. Both TPE and silicone offer a fair amount of flexibility to Mini Sex Dolls. But in no way, this flexibility is infinite. In simple words, her body is synonymous with chewing gum and you can’t stretch it too far and too much. Just bear in mind that these stretch habits can tear your doll’s skin or in the best case, leave permanent marks on her body. We don’t think you want either of the cases to happen. Just don’t try to test her flexibility and she should be fine. That’s it.

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