Playing Hide & Seek with Wifey: How to discretely hide your MINI SEX DOLL

If you live on your own, you won't have a problem in assigning a special place for your beautiful doll; whether it's inside a special closet, in a locked room, or else. But what if you live with a roommate? What if you live with anybody and you would like to have her stored discreetly? We offer you some good ideas, instead!

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If you have a terrace, patio, or even a balcony in an apartment, this is a perfect idea. It’s spacey, your guests or friends won’t look inside out of curiosity. It’s discreet, and nobody ever thinks somebody keeps a MINI SEX DOLL inside one of these. Just be sure to keep it away from the sun.


This is an expensive option, but there’s a chance you may have one around in your house already. If you don’t you can find these in music stores. The benefit of using a flight case, is that you’ll make sure nobody will ever look inside of it, as they come most of the time with locks, or with a lock option. Also, it’s perfect for storing extra things, such as her clothes and accessories.


You can find a good case in any sports store, or even online. This works specially for mini dolls, being almost of the same size. Besides, next time you have guests coming over, you can brag about your newly acquired golfing hobby. All jokes aside, it’s not as expensive as a flight case, and works almost the same.


Sometimes the best option is the easiest one. Unless you hide your doll from your partner or children, hiding her inside an underbed bag it’s the most practical option of them all, as you are keeping your baby doll in the same room in which (we hope) you’re using her. Just be sure to throw a blanket or a bedsheet on top so it’s not visible.

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