I am absolutely indifferent to sex dolls.

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Frequently Asked Questions: What do feminists think about lifelike “sex dolls”?

I am absolutely indifferent to sex dolls.

As a feminist, I care deeply about gender equality and women’s rights. I do not give a flying fuck about dolls. Some men view women as objects which isn’t all that great, but I am fairly certain that any man who would seriously consider a doll as a suitable replacement for a woman already belongs in this group. In other words: He isn’t going to objectify women because he got a sex doll, he got a sex doll because he objectifies women.

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I don’t know any women who will be crying themselves to sleep if some of these dudes take themselves off the market to live in solitary bliss with a sex doll. My view is that women in general are better off without the kind of man who would want a silent and motionless figure with three holes and a look of perpetual surprise as a partner.

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