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One of the most common requests we get from people interesting in buying a MINI SEX DOLL is if there is any way they can try the product before they buy? This is a pretty reasonable request given the price of a realistic MINI SEX DOLL can be nearly $2,000! However, in practice it is actually not very easy to do.

The problem is that one a MINI SEX DOLL is used once, it cannot be resold as new. Therefore if there was a try before you buy option, the MINI SEX DOLL companies might lose hundreds of dolls that were “tried” once and the person decided not to buy. So what is the solution? How can you get an idea of what you’re paying for before you send hundreds of dollars to a website on the internet.

Below we have listed and explained 5 ways you can try a MINI SEX DOLL before you buy one. We hope you find this list useful and please let us know in the comments if you know of another way!

This option is probably the best but one of the hardest to actually pull off. You will need to search if there is a MINI SEX DOLL rental business or MINI SEX DOLL brothel within your area, or check out this list of known MINI SEX DOLL brothels. There are not too many of these but if you can find in it will provide the best “try before you buy” experience because you’ll actually be able to use a lifesize MINI SEX DOLL just like the one you’re planning to buy.

2. Buy A Smaller Product – Male Masturbator
If you don’t want to blindly spend $1,000+ on a realisitc MINI SEX DOLLs without trying it first, you could spend less money on a smaller male masturbator product and try that out first. These products are made of the same material as the full size MINI SEX DOLLs and often times come from the same manufacturer. They will give you the same sensations while using the product so you can get a pretty good idea if you’ll like it or not. The option still costs you some money up front, but if you don’t like the product you will only be out a couple hundred rather than more.

3. MINI SEX DOLL Porn and Videos
If you’re looking for the cheapest and easiest option to see what it’s like to own and fuck a MINI SEX DOLL you should browse some MINI SEX DOLL porn videos. offers a large collection for free MINI SEX DOLL porn videos that will give you a good idea of what is possible with you MINI SEX DOLL. Videos, more than just product photos, will show you the motion and behavior of the silicone or TPE material. You’ll also see popular positions and can determine if MINI SEX DOLL sex is something you’d be interested in.

There are even some uploaders that will review specific dolls soo you can maybe see the exact doll you’re interested in. For example, here is a video of someone with Lana from Silicon Wives.

4. Ask Other MINI SEX DOLL Owners
This fourth option is free but will take a bit of effort on your part. You will need to seek out current and prior doll owners and ask them about their opinion of MINI SEX DOLLs and what to expect. The best way to do this is to find online communities where MINI SEX DOLL owners visit. The best online community for MINI SEX DOLLs is The Doll Forum. If you make an account and post your concerns there you are likely to receive many great responses from caring people.

5. Search for a local brick & mortar retailer

The last option is to search for local brick & mortar retailer in your area. You won’t get to “try” the MINI SEX DOLLs per se but you will at least be able to see them in person and feel the material.

In conclusion there is no perfect solution but through the methods listed above you can get a really good idea of the pros and cons of MINI SEX DOLL ownership.

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