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Gorgeous, realistic MINI SEX DOLLs are all the hype right now. And how could they not be? Not only are they beautiful and sexy, but they can also become excellent companions without the extra drama attached. However, if you are thinking about getting one for yourself, you are probably wondering: how much does a MINI SEX DOLL cost?

With various types of love dolls, materials, and sizes available, the question of price can get a bit complicated. For this reason, we’ve created this extensive price guide to help you better understand what you can expect when buying your new silicone lover.

Let’s dig in!

Material Type Affects the Love Dolls Cost

As in many other instances, quality comes with a price. So, the type of material a MINI SEX DOLL consists of, how much of it is used in the production process, and how realistic she feels to you will all affect the price tag. To be more specific, we’ll break it all down into four key factors.


MINI SEX DOLLs that are worth your while will consist of TPE or silicone because those are the industry standards. On the other hand, only low-quality MINI SEX DOLLs are made of rubber or latex and are generally not recommended.

Both TPE and silicone love dolls provide a very realistic look and feel. And among the two, dolls that consist of silicone tend to be more expensive but offer better quality. On the other hand, TPE MINI SEX DOLLs are cheaper, while the material itself is prone to porousness and has a low tolerance to heat.

At Annie’s Dollhouse, you will find a number of?silicone MINI SEX DOLLs?and a vast selection of?TPE MINI SEX DOLLs?to fit anyone’s budget and needs.


Material quality also has a say in how much a MINI SEX DOLL will cost. Of course, top-grade materials are always more expensive than poor-quality ones.

For instance, the TPE your love doll is made of is produced by mixing different kinds of plastics. A quality TPE contains only a few types of plastic, and they are all pure, which leads to a higher price. Conversely, more impure plastic kinds mixed together result in a low-grade TPE that is cheaper. It works the same in the case of silicone dolls.

All in all, the low-grade TPE MINI SEX DOLLs are the cheapest option. Alternatively, high-quality silicone wives are the most expensive on the market.


A MINI SEX DOLL’s final price will greatly depend on how tall it is and how heavy it is. That is because its height and weight will directly influence the amount of material needed to make it. So, a tall, thick, and heavy doll costs more than a small, slim, and light one.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not every doll’s skeleton is the same, which also affects their weight.


Do you want a plastic lover that looks very realistic and lifelike? Then you have to be willing to stretch your wallet a bit more. The number of details and how much time is spent on creating real MINI SEX DOLLs will also have a say in the price.

In order to make your real MINI SEX DOLL look as gorgeous as possible, companies need to hire professional painters and sculptors. Their job is to create models, molds, and realistic looking body parts, such as genitalia or eyes. Moreover, all the parts must be anatomically correct and pleasant to use. Because of all that, some parts of MINI SEX DOLLs can’t be mass-produced — instead, they have to be handmade.

Also, the material needs to be top-grade for love dolls to feel more real, which usually costs even more.


Now that we’ve seen some of the factors that can influence the value of your doll lover, let’s take a closer look at the price range.

We’ve divided love dolls into three categories based on their prices. So, we will get into details and explain what you can expect when you buy dolls from each category.


The cheapest MINI SEX DOLLs can cost anywhere between a couple of hundred bucks to around $1,200. Although some of these cheap MINI SEX DOLLs look pretty decent at first glance, we do not recommend buying and using them for several reasons.

First, cheap MINI SEX DOLLs usually consist of low-quality materials. While you can find that some of them consist of TPE, many others are made of latex or rubber. So, if you opt for such a love doll, you can expect it to break easily and age poorly. As time goes by, you will notice oil leaks, fading of colors, and odors.

Another important fact is such materials pose a risk to your health. Low-grade TPE, latex, and rubber are porous materials. Therefore, you will never be able to clean them thoroughly, so bacteria and fungi will easily get trapped inside. For this reason, buying and using cheap MINI SEX DOLLs can be a risk. You always get what you pay for.

A cheap MINI SEX DOLL is often smaller and lighter than its high-quality counterpart. On the one hand, this means it’s easier to manage and hide. On the other, it’s too small to make you feel like you are having sex with a real person.

In most instances, dolls at the bottom of the price barrel are knock-offs and counterfeit. However, that means you can’t expect them to feel or look very lifelike. The cheapest MINI SEX DOLLs lack details, don’t have proportional body features, and not all their orifices are usable.

At Annie’s Dollhouse, we value quality, so we do not sell such any cheap MINI SEX DOLLs, counterfeits or knock offs. We ONLY use high quality name brands such as?WM Dolls.

MINI SEX DOLLS FROM $1,200 TO $1,800

MINI SEX DOLLs within this price range offer solid quality and a good, although a bit limited on options. Still, if you want to get yourself a love doll but are running on a tight budget, we recommend skipping over the cheap ones and start looking within this price range.

Mid-range love dolls look amazing, provide a realistic feeling, and are affordable. Also, there are many different models to choose from, and you can even customize them to fit your needs and appease your kinks. Nevertheless, you cannot expect them to look and feel perfect since they are far from it.

Plastic lovers within this price range usually consist of quality materials, such as medium to top-grade TPE or medium to high-quality silicone. You’ll be able to choose between various sizes and weight options. The skeletons and joints are sturdier and more durable compared to cheap knock offs. They provide a realistic feeling, and their body features look proportional.

These love dolls age better than the cheap low-quality ones and can last up to three years as long as you take care of the doll. Do yourself a favor and save your money for a quality doll.


If your budget allows you to do so, you should definitely opt for the most expensive dolls since they provide the most realistic experience. Dolls in this price range gets you premium quality materials and the option to customize them and create the perfect lover you’ve always dreamed of.

The best love dolls consist mostly of top-quality TPE or silicone. The silicone MINI SEX DOLLs are platinum cured, which means you won’t have to deal with leaking.

You always pay for what you get and it’s no different here. High end MINI SEX DOLLs are very realistic in both appearance and feel. All body parts are also rich in details, so you can expect to see high quality details such as veins on the skin, or upgraded options such as WM Doll’s breathing option. Additional these dolls support both sound and heating. Email customer support for more details.


While having a love doll in your home can provide you with hours of fun, there are some who would prefer to consider other options, as well. Reasons for such a decision can be different. For instance, the real MINI SEX DOLLs are too expensive, or you don’t have enough space or privacy in your home to keep a full size MINI SEX DOLL.

If that’s the case with you, don’t worry. At Annie’s Dollhouse, you will find affordable alternatives such as full size sex torsos that are practical and offer great satisfaction. We also have pay as go or credit options with?Klarna?and?Paypal.

So now let’s get into discussing what you get when you decide to buy low quality cheap alternatives.


If you decide to go with blow-up dolls, you probably already know that you won’t get anything resembling a real sex experience. Blow-up dolls are made of cheap materials, and are not durable or realistic.

Of course, just as the name suggests, you have to inflate it before you use it. Cheap blow-up dolls are basically worthless. They are nothing like a real woman and they certainly aren’t even close to high quality realistic MINI SEX DOLL. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money.


Everyone likes a good discount and to strike a good bargain. However, just like any other highly sought after product, there are always scammers. In the MINI SEX DOLL industry, they sell fake MINI SEX DOLLs, using the real photos of an actual manufacturer. Don’t get fooled. Ask for their reseller certifications and do your research. You are not getting the deal of lifetime at $600… are getting scammed!.

Just think about all the fake designer bags and wallets you see people sell on the street. Although they might look like the real deal, they have many flaws, consist of poor-quality materials, and break down fairly quickly.

In the same manner, some factories buy the original dolls from legitimate companies and try to copy them. But in many instances, those factories don’t have any credentials and do not undergo any safety inspections or quality controls. Such dodgy manufacturers use the cheapest materials and produce terrible love dolls. At the same time, they steal authentic photos from the original manufacturers and use them to bait and fool the customers.

Many customers have shared their stories of how they were duped and scammed. For example, they received a mini blow-up MINI SEX DOLL coated in silicone or dolls without any orifices and sometimes they received nothing at all.

Make sure you always research the companies and their credentials before you make the purchase. They should have?doll brand authorization certificates?just like Annie’s Dollhouse.


A somewhat more costly but still pretty affordable alternative to full size doll is the torso MINI SEX DOLL. Torsos are a great option for those who don’t want to commit to having a full size MINI SEX DOLL. They are a good choice for those who don’t have space and privacy to hide a real MINI SEX DOLL. At Annie’s Dollhouse, you can find a wide variety of dolls to fit your needs.


The price of a MINI SEX DOLL can greatly vary depending on many factors, like the material quality, the doll’s size and weight, and how real she looks and feels. Mid-range and top-quality love dolls might seem like a luxury when you first start exploring the market, but in the long run, they are a better investment. Not only are they more durable and lifelike, but they also consist of high-quality materials that won’t endanger your health. Do yourself a favor, safe up for a quality?real MINI SEX DOLL?and you won’t be disappointed.

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